Your financial and creative partnerships are undergoing a powerful evolution, transition, and shift in power dynamics leading to a series of breakthroughs. You’re also reclaiming your autonomy, drawing you to take risks and be more authentic. This process spans the coming year, a time when you’re confronting your fears and reclaiming your power in your life. Have more faith in yourself, your abilities, and what you bring to the table—it’s a lot.

Midmonth could bring you to a powerful turning point. You might be changing jobs or projects, negotiating a raise or promotion, entering a new financial or business partnership, perhaps even contemplating a career change. You needn’t reinvent the wheel; a minor adjustment of time and resources might be all that’s needed to stabilize a situation. You don’t have total control, but you do have the power and a duty to make choices that support your life.

The end of the month could bring you to a breakthrough. You can have the freedom you desire on a daily basis, but it will require you to let go of dogmas and rules that no longer work. Have faith. You’re being freed from a situation, allowing you to explore new opportunities on the horizon.


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Virgo sign is characterized by a sense of duty and responsibility. It is a real hard worker. The proper order is important for Virgos. They believe that everything should be rational and useful.

Virgos are able to find and analyze the smallest details. They are serious, practical, independent and punctual people. They can critically examine any problem with the help of their precise mind. By nature, they are rationalistic and sometimes even pedantic.

Virgos have all qualities to be successful. But there are negative aspects in their character, such as over-criticism and excessive reserve. Virgos aren't indifferent to other people's problems, they are always ready to help someone with words and deeds. But sometimes it's better for them to restrain their wish to criticize friends or colleagues. They should avoid harshness during the communication in order not to become cruel.

Being Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury provides these people with intelligence and ability to benefit from any situation. Virgos are able both to work intellectually and physically. However, their attention to details is a real danger. Sometimes it can be useful, but it often makes them ignore really important things while paying too much attention to something insignificant.

Natural qualities help Virgos to find themselves in various spheres. They are excellent students. They are good at science, technology, philology and art. They can also make a great career of an administrator, lawyer, teacher, doctor, mathematician, editor, proof-reader or secretary. Virgos can also be good businessmen.

Virgos usually lack emotions, they rarely take care of their private life. They prefer reasons to feelings. Virgos don't really trust their intuition, they often rely on their developed intellect. They are inclined to analyze rather than believe. These people are seldom religious. But if they are, their faith is abiding.

It's very difficult for Virgos to remove rationalism from their love affairs. They suppose that reliability is the most significant quality in love and family.

There are usually a lot of favorites around them, but Virgo would prefer an intelligent one. Virgos seldom show their feelings. Their partners should be ready for this. Moreover, Virgo's partner has to be successful and well-to-do.

Virgo strengths are diligence, analytical abilities, tidiness and cleanliness. Possible disadvantages are pettiness, nerdiness and fastidiousness.