Saying what needs to be said helps you get around the obstacles standing in your path to success. The approach works. What doesn’t is letting people guess what is wrong because, chances are, they’ll guess wrong.

On July 5, four planets - the sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars - spark creativity and imagination over the next four days. The fortunate aspects advise following your intuition and doing what you think is right.

The seventh and eighth proclaim it a lucky weekend. Search if you’re job hunting. Send out resumes. On Sunday, the sun trines imaginative and psychic Neptune. Think and talk about the future. And look forward to this sweet duo when your ruling planet Venus is in your creative sector on the ninth, and fortunate Jupiter turns direct in your partnership and appreciative strangers sector on the tenth.

On July 12, the solar eclipse in your communication sector brings change or a new development that turns your goals around.

Inquiring Mercury turns retrograde in your investigative sector on the twenty-fifth. It’s about the process of elimination, information-wise, btw. Two days later, people should be more open and receptive at the Aquarius lunar eclipse. If that isn’t enough for minds and eternal blocks, how about the trine between Venus and Pluto that same day? Ask and see.

Next month highlights even more things you want and need to know.


Apr 19 – May 19

Taurus sign is the symbol of strength and reliability. The most important things for Taurus are comfort and financial position stability. Other significant things for these people are good fortune, money, tasty food and beautiful clothes. They also appreciate expedience of actions. Taurus needs trustworthy love and work partners. Taurus is an independent and all-sufficient person. But he or she tends to be individual and reserved. It is not typical of Taurus to initiate other people into his or her own affairs.

Venus is the ruling planet for this sign. It gives Taurus a wonderful sense of proportion and love of beautiful things. Moreover, Taurus people not only feel the pleasure of touching the world of beauty but also are able to create art works by themselves and decorate their own or somebody's life. They are good at feeling the world of things, they always know everything about compatibility and making things be used for a long time.

Taurus is a strong, self-confident, hard-working, patient and sensible person. People of this sign are characterized by a practical mind and thoroughness. They are persistent in achieving goals, it is not difficult for them to work hard. At the same time, love of beautiful and perfect usually helps Taurus combine high professional qualities with the sense of harmony and a strong desire to bring it to the world.

Taurus is very sensitive and has excellent intuition. It is very important for Taurus to create the material basis for a comfortable life. The emotionalism of this sign realizes in the attachment to the family and home. By the way, household chores are also significant for these people. They like to provide themselves with different things, especially food.

Taurus people prefer measured and constant way of life, they hate instability and all kinds of surprises. They are conservative, they don't like innovations, moves and changes of their routines and plans. That's why they are also steady, faithful, devoted and reliable. These people respect traditions. They are thrifty, economical and neat. They usually like to make something with their own hands, to collect things and often have some hobbies.

People of Taurus sign always feel their desires. It's rather difficult to lead them astray. It's a very stubborn sign. As a rule, they perform their duties independently and don't wait for someone's help. But there is no force to make them work for only an idea. The results of their activities must be useful for them.

Venus often helps Taureans to find themselves in music, literature as well as in finance, politics, trade, administration and management.

To speak about love, Taurus is a gentle, passionate and devoted but jealous person. Jealousy often makes Taurus get furious. However, he or she knows how to forgive. Marriage for this sign is the fundamental value of life, that's why Taurus could do everything to preserve it. These people prefer strong, beautiful and attractive partners. They also are able to build strong family relationships.

Taurus strengths are persistence, practicality, love of life and ability to bring comfort. Possible disadvantages are stubbornness, conservatism and greediness.