Your mind turns to intellectual discussions during Mercury’s turn in logical Aquarius on March 4. You’ll be super inventive now, too, which gives you lots to talk about. You might have to find a different group of people to discuss your out-there theories with because your usual friends and family may deem you just a bit too “weird” for them right now.

The sun enters powerful Aries, which shares its power planet Mars with you on the nineteenth, ushering in a fiery time of action. You move from just talking about things to actually putting plans into motion, which can have varying results. You don’t slow down for a second, though, let alone stop. You’ve got places to go and people to see.

There’s an important conjunction between your co-rulers Mars and Pluto on March 23, driving up your ambition, sex drive, lust, and most other things associated with these two sensual, sexual planets. Selfishness can be a negative aspect of this transit, but you can be successful if you remember to be humble.

Mars pairs up with airy Aquarius on March 30, and you’re extremely focused on your individuality and uniqueness for the last couple days of the month. Other people are drawn to you and want to be around you because it’s obvious you’re going great places.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Scorpios always strive for self-perfection by developing their will, resourcefulness, power and fortitude. These people can be compared with long-distance runners. They are serious and silent outside and emotional and passionate inside. Scorpio is the most secretive sign of the horoscope.

Scorpios have magnetism, attraction and intuition, they are able to see something invisible for other people. They are very sensitive, they perceive other people's mood and feelings as well as their own. They are rather vulnerable, they never forget insults and can use it in future. Their opinions and statements are quite tough and resolute. Sometimes they can be angry, revengeful and ruthless. However, Scorpios never attack first, they can only reflect other people's behavior.

Scorpios don't demonstrate their strength and power, they prefer to keep in the background, but they can mobilize the energy at the right time. Scorpions have a lot of good qualities, but they should work hard to develop them.

Scorpios prefer professions connected with individual and independent efforts. They are not afraid of taking responsibility. Many Scorpions realize their passion to thrills in extreme sports or risk professions (such as lifeguards, firefighters or surgeons).

Interest to all mysterious and unknown lets Scorpios devote themselves to science and criminology. Immense sensitivity and deep perception of difficult feelings help them to succeed in psychology, art and literature. They are able to create unusual works, new forms and avant-garde trends.

Scorpio people are unpredictable in their actions. They are good at hiding their thoughts and emotions. That's why their deeds may be surprising for others.

Scorpio is a rather revengeful sign. It's difficult to Scorpios to forgive their enemies. That's why they are inclined to take revenge.

Scorpios are very vulnerable. People should pay attention to this fact, because it's really easy to make them feel hurt. This occurs because Scorpios' world is divided into good and bad sides. They always love and hate with all their heart.

Talking about love, Scorpions are passionate, jealous, exacting and persistent. Love is their element. They are easily carried away by passion, which, however, doesn't exclude sublime emotions and tenderness. For their marriage to be successful, Scorpio should be less jealous and despotic.

Scorpio strengths are energy, persistence, purposefulness and sexuality. Possible disadvantages are intolerance, revenge and jealousy.