There’s a lucky start to the month with a powerful trine between the sun and Jupiter retrograde on July 5, urging you to make the very most of your good fortune. If it feels like the breaks are going your way most of the time, you can thank this fortunate transit. Sitting back and enjoying the happy energy is tempting, but you’ll get further by applying some hard work to the equation.

A tense square between Mercury and Jupiter retrograde on the ninth makes you look to the future, but hopes can be easily dashed when you don’t like what you see. Try to take one step at a time instead of running full force toward your goal. The tests and obstacles you encounter along the way are there for a reason.

The moon visits your adventurous sign on the twenty-second and twenty-third, and you need a lot of stimulation to keep you going. Your emotional well-being depends on how much mental and physical stimulation you get, so visiting avant-garde museums and taking spontaneous trips to unusual places are excellent ways to fill your soul.

The full moon lunar eclipse on July 27 reminds you that life is one big circle, and when one cycle ends, another begins. Whatever life throws your way, hold on to as much optimism as you can manage.


Nov 21 – Dec 20

Sagittarius is the most open-minded, optimistic and cheerful sign of Zodiac Horoscope. Sagittarians are ambitious, energetic, independent, generous and honest people. They are careless and trustful at the same time. They are fond of travelings, adventures and ventures.

In their youth, Sagittarians are interested in sports and traveling, but it can subside with age. Adult Sagittarians are more quiet and solid.

As a ruling planet of a Sagittarius sign, Jupiter provides these people with interest in science. Actually, they have a lot of different hobbies, but the desire to study stays with them over the years. Sagittarians are able to generalize different facts and look at everything philosophically. Setting high goals is their nature. They are always interested in something new and unknown, eager to learn as much as possible, go everywhere and help everyone. They are good teachers and researchers, who are able to put forward and explain various theories. Sagittarians usually have personal opinion about everything, and it's difficult to make them change it.

Sagittarians are characterized by sincerity, honesty and tendency to tell the truth. They are inspired and hot-tempered, they really like to encourage other people.

Sagittarians feel confident fighting for a good reason. They act impulsively, but using their sense of humor, Sagittarians can make opponents change their mind. They prefer to solve problems quietly, but when there is no way, they act strongly.

Their natural abilities help them to find themselves in different kinds of professions. Sagittarians may choose a career of administrators or teachers, their work may be connected with law both in theory and in practice (courts or legislature). They are good at literature, they have an interesting style and successfully perform in public. They also may be good politicians.

Sagittarians are extremely temperamental and passionate in love affairs, they can be easily involved in love stories. They are not shy, they express their feelings with ease, but their passion is often short-lived. Coolness, indifference or even irritation may occur suddenly. But Sagittarians are usually good friends for their ex-lovers. As for married Sagittarians, they appreciate common interests, that's why their marriage can be stable and durable even without passion.

Sagittarius strengths are determination, optimism, desire to travel, energy and activity. Possible disadvantage is a tendency to moral teaching and ideological fanaticism.