Love and romance are kind of your things, and November is no exception. A sun-Neptune retrograde (in Pisces) trine on November 6 starts the month out on a selfless note, and what else is new?! You often put others first in relationships, which is admirable but has its drawbacks as well. Some basic advice for all Fish: Take good care of yourself so that you can continue to take care of others.

Love-centered Venus goes direct in Libra on the sixteenth, letting you, a true lover of and believer in romance, breathe a sigh of relief. You don’t have to hold anything back now, and your charm quotient goes up considerably. You aren’t the biggest flirt in the zodiac, but few people can resist you when you bat your beautiful, soulful eyes at them.

Neptune also turns out of its retrograde cycle on November 24, so your fantasies and daydreams return to their vivid loveliness. Deep down, you know you’re avoiding reality on some level, but you’re thrilled to be able to retreat to your happy place once again.

A Mercury retrograde-Mars square on the twenty-sixth complicates love-related decisions, but there’s no rush to make up your mind. If someone presses you for an answer ASAP, they might not be the one for you.


Feb 18 – Mar 19

Pisceans are extremely sensitive, they are able to understand other people's thoughts and feelings, they have great intuition and imagination. Their behavior may be ambivalent and hesitant, so they often suffer from conflicting desires. These people are dreamy and sentimental, they like to spend time alone and concentrate on their inward life. Sometimes it's difficult for them to separate their ideal world from reality.

They like nature and animals. They are soft, pliable, friendly, and sometimes even vulnerable. But their most important quality is the ability to adjust to different life conditions.

Pisceans are very creative people. They like various kinds of art and live in the world of melodies, poems and literary extracts.

The influence of Neptune as a ruling planet can be seen in this sign. On one hand, Pisceans are real altruists, who are willing to sacrifice their life for other people. On the other hand, they sometimes don't understand the reasons for their own actions. They are religious, but sometimes they may get tempted.

Pisceans prefer to act intuitively, so their weak spot is logic. They are reserved and reticent, but such characteristic is compensated by their friendliness and helpfulness.

These people may succeed in professions connected with art, music, theater and cinema. They can also realize their helpfulness in hospitals and clinics, and find themselves in medicine. Traveling, sailing, geography and ethnography are also suitable for them because of their interest in distant countries and unknown cultures. Their mental organization may help them to become successful psychologists and psychoanalysts. They may try to realize their interests in philosophy, parapsychology, mythology and astrology. In commercial sphere, they should rely on their intuition and avoid risky businesses.

In love, Pisceans are romantic and idealistic. They always crave for love, passion and happiness. But sometimes they cant’ be good partners because of their unexpected mood or plan changes. But they are not losers. Even after parting with a partner, Pisceans may turn back and forgive him or her everything. Pisceans need love and tenderness in the family. They really like home and try to make it as cozy as possible.

Pisces strengths are compassion, humanism and intuition. Possible disadvantages are laziness, illusion and addiction to alcohol.