February is for consolidation, strategy, and getting plans on solid ground. When you add a hint of inspiration, you’ve got uber-innovation. Decisions have long-term effects with Saturn’s sextile with Neptune still in force. A few choices well thought out could dissolve problems.

On February 3, ruling Venus begins transiting cautious and responsible Capricorn. The fortunate planet keeps things running smoothly. The next day, the Aquarius new moon is a happy event in your creative, speculative sector. The future-oriented sign says look ahead in the 30 days following the phase. What do you crave enough to dedicate yourself to accomplish? Think about it.

On the fourteenth, strong-willed Taurus Mars encourages a settlement of debts and finances from your sector of shared resources. It’s time to get this part of your life on solid ground.

On February 22, Venus conjoins transforming Pluto, and unrelated thoughts and ideas come together to create something new. Venus ends the month in the last degrees of Capricorn. You began the month smoothly focused and end it wrapping up loose ends so you can take advantage in March when the activation of your speculative sector offers possibilities of profit through changes or taking advantage of others’ good luck.


Sep 23 – Oct 22

As a ruling planet of Libra sign, Venus provides these people with natural harmony and the ability to reconcile with enemies. Libra has a real diplomatic talent. They have a good sense of proportions, rhythm and color, they like everything beautiful and elegant. But facing with real problems in real life, they often can not make a right decision. This results in searching for someone to help them. Libra should pay attention to this disadvantage and work hard to overcome this problem.

However, Libras could be tough and bold, especially protecting their dignity. They respect their own interests and are able to keep them.

People of Libra sign are very communicative. Being charming and attractive, they like to go out, to attend different parties and to take part in other entertainments. They have good taste and great manners, they are able to dress well and to charm other people. Libra's advantages are elegance, tact and sense of proportion. They are also able to make a compromise and to achieve harmony far and wide.

With the help of inborn skills Libra can succeed in different spheres such as art or beauty. They always tend to realize their aspiration for elegance and harmony. That's why Libra can be a good fashion designer, beautician, hairdresser or teacher of music and dance. They can also connect their life with art objects, antiques and so on.

One of the main Libra's characteristics is stability. People of Libra sign may be soft outside and strong inside. That's why Librans are good diplomats. They are conservative, they keep their traditions firmly and pay a lot of attention to the formality. Their private life is hidden from the other people. Libras always keep the distance during communication, that's why they seem to be a little bit haughty.

People of this sign don't like to make a show of themselves. They don't tend to act alone. They prefer to share responsibility with their work team.

They usually try to avoid conflicts, they prefer to smooth problems over. They lack determination, but when their rights are abused, they can even explode. Fortunately, it happens infrequently, because “compromise” is their motto.

Libras are amorous people. Romantic relationships play a significant role in their lives. They feel good in small companies or parties, easily gain attention of the opposite sex. If they want, they can become acquainted with any interesting person. But they have the same problem in love – it's difficult for them to make a choice. Moreover, they find close relationships and family burdensome.

Libra's strengths are fairness, diplomacy, harmony and the ability to establish relationships. Possible disadvantages are indecision and hesitation.