Why wait until the Fourth to watch fireworks when you can experience them now? When Mars enters your fiery sign on July 1, get ready for some explosive energy! Don’t hold back, Leo. Romance is electric now.

Communicative Mercury is in your sign when it retrogrades on the seventh, so it’s hard for you to get your words through to their intended audience. Don’t just assume that your text got where it was supposed to go. Miscommunications happen easily, so always double-check.

The dicey Mars-Uranus square on July 11 seems intent on making life difficult, but you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Don’t take your eyes off a tense romantic situation for even a second, Leo. The key to success is to always be alert, because the sooner you see something break, the sooner you can fix it.

A tricky sun-Pluto opposition on the fourteenth could cause confusion and negative emotions, especially concerning jealousy. Do you have good reason to be upset, or is it just the result of your insecurities showing?

The new moon is in your enthusiastic sign on July 31, which is a great way to end the month. Now is the perfect time to show your cards. If you want to attract love into your life, make sure you’re ready to give it. Love is a two-way street.


Jul 23 – Aug 22

As a ruling planet of this sign, Sun provides Leos with vital energy and creative power. It's important for them to be honest and generous, to have authority and to justify confidence.

Leos are also given the qualities of a royal person – self-respect, pride and desire to be in the center of attention. Their appearance and manners are always majestic and grand with a shade of self-significance.

They tend to achieve their goals honestly and openly. Pettiness and baseness are not typical of Leos. But sometimes they lack self-criticism. Leos like to dominate, but this domination is usually fair until other people show their disobedience.

Social life is very important for Leos. They are fond of parties, presentations, performances and ceremonies. They have a good taste and reflect this in elegant and refined style.

The inborn sense of beauty and great taste help Leos to find themselves in art. The best professions for them are a director, theater administrator, designer and artist. Actually, they can do any work, but the role of a chief is the best for these people.

Leos are able to stick up for themselves and their point of view. They are physically strong and usually want to be leaders. This people have strong will, they are determined and energetic. Leos spend a lot of time to make others pay attention to them.

Leos usually are not interested in other people's ideas and points of view. They unwillingly change their life and don't listen to other people's opinions. Leos don't like surprises, but sometimes could be rather original.

Their private life is rarely unclouded. They are good at flirtation and always are in the center of the opposite sex attention. Leos try to find an outstanding partner, because ordinary men aren't interesting for them.

Love and marriage could become the way of Leo's self-affirmation. Sometimes they can even be despotic, however their inborn generosity doesn't let them be petty and suspicious in family life. Leos appreciate a partner's devotion and reliability most of all, as well as need to keep the leadership in the family.

Leo's strengths are generosity, creativity, optimism and leadership. Possible disadvantages are haughtiness, vainglory and arrogance.