You’d love more power during the Mars-Pluto square on November 5, but something or someone is standing in your way. Avoid confrontation and power struggles as much as possible now, Gemini. No matter how frustrated you get, letting your anger get the better of you isn’t the answer.

Communications expert Mercury is retrograde during its sextile to renewing Pluto on the ninth, but you should still be able to think clearly enough to solve a major problem. Use your tech-savvy resources to get the information you want.

Mercury goes direct in Scorpio on November 20, at which time communication should become a lot easier. This is the time to start to clear up any misunderstandings you’ve had over the past few weeks. And because this sign rules regeneration, why not delete some old contacts and apps from your phone? Purging now feels good.

There’s a new moon in optimistic Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth, bringing hope that new beginnings will lead to something wonderful. Although you can’t see the future, you have an overwhelming feeling now that everything will be okay. Yes, you’ll still have your ups and downs, but sometimes the ride is more fun than reaching the destination.


May 21 – Jun 20

Geminians are curious and inquisitive people, who are interested in everything new. It's easy for them to come together with new people, so they have a lot of superficial acquaintances. They have abilities to speak and write, they usually have good memory and are able to analyze and summarize. They aim for knowledge, they are also original and shrewd. They are inclined to changes and diversity and their range of interests is so much wide. Their mood tends to change very quickly, so sometimes it's difficult for them to relax.

Geminians are usually very mobile. They feel good in the world of words and information. They can understand and learn something new just after the first reading. These people absorb any information extremely easy, but this information is often superficial.

Gemini's character is dual and contradictory. Geminians can have some opposite passions and hobbies, usually tend to combine extremely different interests and busy themselves with a lot of things at the same time. Their high mobility makes Geminians always be looking for something new, broadening their horizon and the circle of acquaintances.

They may have several professions in different fields of human knowledge, they are always aware of everything new and unusual and ready to learn more and more every day. Gemini is the worst secrets' keeper, this person cannot keep the information inside and is willing to share it with friends or strangers.

Geminians are not in want of eloquence, the ability to express their thoughts clearly and quick mind capability. These qualities can help them to find themselves in professions connected with different forms of communication. One of the best spheres for Gemini is journalism.

People of Gemini sign are good at writing, linguistics, advertising and trade. They also can succeed in politics, teaching, radio, television and stage. They can be good comedians or writers. They may also succeed in commerce, but they have to avoid reckless schemes and risky businesses.

Geminians don't like to make plans and deal with theoretical issues. They are people who like specific and practical things. They are excellent tacticians but poor strategists. But these people can make fun of themselves best of all.

Their love nature is dynamic and changeable. They usually prefer surface relationships to emotional ones. This air sign hates long-term obligations, but likes feeling itself free. Geminians like different love stories because of their uncommonness and newness. But they usually steady down with age. They may have a great love experience in their youth, whereas their husband or wife would not be the object of their passion, but the person with similar mental interests.

Gemini's strengths are flexibility, mobility and sociability. Possible disadvantages are unscrupulousness and lack of organization.