Your appetite for new knowledge and experiences is elevated on October 19 when social Venus in your ninth house of higher education and adventure forms a harmonizing trine to lucky Jupiter in your sign. Pair up with a friend or loved one to find what you’re looking for, which could be taking an impromptu weekend trip or listening to an eye-opening podcast. 

Then, fostering your connections with colleagues comes even more naturally from October 22 to November 21 while the confident sun moves through your eleventh house of networking. Whether you’ve been wanting to talk through the specifics of starting a creative project with a coworker or collaborating in order to boost one another’s long-term goals, you’ll have the focus and self-assuredness now to get the ball rolling. Teamwork amplifies your results. 


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Capricorn is the most practical and ambitious sign of Zodiac Horoscope. Capricorn is ambitious, enduring, persistent and focused on concrete achievements. They may be good leaders, because of their ability to plan their own or other's actions. These people are very careful and cautious. Capricorns usually learn all necessary information before they decide to act. They are excellent strategists, they thing over all variants and always insured in case of failure plans.

Capricorns achieve success with he help of painstaking work. They believe that nothing is given free, so it's silly to wait for someone's help. That's why they prefer acting to waiting. Moreover, they prefer to make every action well considered and are confident of success. Capricorns rely only on themselves, they are always focused and severe. They are a little bit cold in the relationships, they have enough energy to overcome all difficulties, so they don't share their sincere affection with others.

Capricorns' worldview is rather melancholic and pessimistic. They are often gloomy, thoughtful and severe, but these qualities don't prevent them from moving forward. However, these feelings may occasionally upset their routine. They should learn to overcome despondency, fears and pessimism and try to be always positive.

Capricorns have quick and flexible thinking. There is also a tendency to philosophic speculations, which may be realized in their own theories. Capricorns are rather conservative, they respect traditions and don't like innovations.

People of Capricorn sign are reliable and executive workers, which are happy to deal with difficult and complex tasks. They are very punctual and responsible. They can be good administrators, economists, politicians and bankers. They may also succeed in science or in the different spheres of law. The most suitable work for Capricorn is to be a chief. They are really hardworking. They are often loaded with work and do it vigorously and effectively.

Capricorns often lack for sentimentality. They consider emotions as a factor of people's feeling manipulation. As a rule, their intuition isn't excellent. They are balked and don't like to show their emotions.

In love Capricorn may meet disappointment or unrequited love. They always try to plan their private life, that's why some of them marry from mercenary motives. And sometimes they find family happiness for a lifetime. Otherwise, they may become suffering wives or husbands.

Capricorn strengths are persistence, practicality, patience and self-control. Possible disadvantages are careerism, dogmatism and lack of emotionality.

Famous Capricorns are Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Jack London, Mao Zedong, Elvis Presley, Marlene Dietrich, Gérard Depardieu, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel and Jared Leto.