Bring connections together and turn ideas into realities in May. Don’t be afraid to welcome new partnerships.

On May 4, the moon aspecting Capricorn Saturn appears when moonchildren need a reminder to avoid thinking with their emotions. Set new goals and ground rules for the next 30 days.

Make strides when the moon squares the sun and lucky Jupiter on the seventh and eighth. You have the opportunity to develop the advantages over the next three days.

On May 15, unique Uranus temporarily transits your sector of goals and objectives while adding an interesting, liberating flavor. Going along with the monthly theme, the transit attracts mentors.

That day’s new Taurus moon is an auspicious time to begin something new. Mars, transiting your house of shared resources, accents bringing allies together in lucrative new ventures.

May 17 is a lucky afternoon, and luck is with you all of May 18. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are beneficial.

Auspicious Venus starts a transit in your sign on the nineteenth.

On May 25, Jupiter trines Neptune, giving you days of heightened ESP to help you understand your competition.

Plans could come to fruition under the full Sagittarius moon on the twenty-ninth.

Next month, assume more responsibilities.