The keyword for July is “consistency” - predictability you can count on that keeps you from worrying about what could go wrong. On July 5, the Cancer sun and Aries moon aspect fortunate Jupiter. The aspects expand horizons (this isn’t the time for self-limitation).

On the ninth, Venus in Virgo stimulates perfectly organized communication over the next few weeks. It will be easier to know what matters and what doesn’t.

Jupiter makes a direct turn in your risk-taking sector on July 10, and you’re more willing to gamble. Every Crab periodically loses its shell at great risk. It is a leap of faith made infinitely better on July 11, a lucky day.

The twelfth is a Cancer solar eclipse – an “ah ha” moment heralding ambition for change done with vision and form. The opposition between the sun and transformational Pluto highlights new beginnings that weren’t possible before. (Solar eclipses signal the end of one chapter and a new frontier, btw.)

On July 25, Mercury’s retrograde highlights negotiating with an eye toward going back to basics. Two days later, pay attention to events around the lunar eclipse in your shared resources sector. It enlightens what you want and what blocks you from getting it. You’ll discover that it has lots to do with next month’s theme of giving and receiving.


Jun 20 – Jul 21

Deep inside Cancer is a sensitive and sentimental person, however it can not be shown outwardly or in an unfamiliar company. Cancer shows his or her true nature only when feels other people’s emotional support. This person is considerate towards close friends and family, can easily feel their problems and mood swings.

As a ruling planet of this sign, Moon provides Cancerians with the qualities of a wise parent. As a rule, Cancerians are proud of their children and are willing to understand any situation connected with them. Home, traditions, family and family history are extremely important for them. Being reserved on one hand, Cancerians have great intuition and emotionalism, which leads to vulnerability and touchiness. That's why Cancerians are usually restrained and reserved.

They are kind, friendly and diplomatic. But ambition and complacency are also typical of them. The tendency to make a point of details often makes Cancerians childish, helpless, stubborn or illogical. Sometimes their behavior seems to be mysterious and strange for the other people.

People of this sign are vulnerable and tender, but trying to keep these features to themselves. That's why they make an impression of a phlegmatic and insensitive person. But that impression is deceptive. There are a lot of strong emotions inside their soul, they are very sensitive to any look and word concerning them. Cancerians like quiet hobbies within the family, they have a tendency to reflections, dreams and melancholy.

Deep inside Cancer is always a kind, innocent and depended child. But softness doesn't prevent these people from achieving success. For all these childish qualities Cancerians are able to be clear-sighted and sly. Using these qualities Cancerians can successfully move forward in social life and go up the carrier ladder.

The combination of their qualities helps Cancerians succeed in art, music and literature. They can also successfully work in the spheres of business, medicine or teaching.

Cancerians appreciate money and comfort. They are usually able to earn, save and increase their capital. People of this sign can be successful in financial and banking activity. Their good intuition may help them with it.

A lot of Cancerians are too ambitious, they can not sneer at themselves and often don't understand jokes. They care about their authority and aim to become a leader. Such a chief is authoritarian, but rather indulgent. Cancer is a conservator, but he or she is a real patriot and a keeper of the family and historical traditions.

Cancer is a romantic nature. Love usually immerse this person into the ocean of deep emotions and dramatic feelings. That's why the reality can be very frustrating for Cancerians. The most significant things for them are reliability, comfort, family well-being and traditional values. Family and home are so important for Cancers that they can not be happy without having a stable marital status.

Cancer strengths are tenderness, sensitivity, intuition, devotion and patriotism. Possible disadvantages are depression, mood variability and conservatism.