Productivity increases this month, improving your professional status. On September 1, meticulous thinking Virgo Mercury trines lightning-fast pondering Uranus. Take advantage of it and discover clear ways to overcome an impasse.

The sun, Mercury, and Mars activate your co-workers and routine sign between the second and third. Communication, criticism, and action attract challenges through Friday. Productive work (aka nose to grindstone) helps avoid confrontations, earning the rewards that follow on September 9 when energetic Mars trines Saturn, planet of management’s appreciation for excellence.

The keyword is “moderation” when Mars squares expansive Jupiter on the twelfth. The latter, though generous, promises too much undeliverable stuff over the next four days. September 15 is a lucky day under an Aries moon.

On the eighteenth, Saturn, your career director, starts to regain ground in direct motion with a stimulating assist from a Mars trine with powerful Pluto on Thursday.

On September 21, “tending to be inflated sometimes” Jupiter and impressionable Neptune square off. Look at details and the fine print very carefully over the next ten days (yes, really). It’s the last pairing, so no second chances.

Venus sextiles Jupiter under a Libra new moon on the twenty-eighth. Use the partnership-oriented influence to enhance pulling in and not pushing away helpful people. The deepening of partnerships is the glue that makes things work next month.


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Aries is an active, self-confident and energetic person. These people prefer direct pathways instead of detours because of the lack of patience. They perceive life as a struggle. It's easy for them to waste and recover energy. Their favorite word is “Me”. It all depends on their internal development level. Arians usually do their best to succeed. It's usually difficult to make them change their mind because these people often prefer to stand their ground.

Vital capacity and will-power are typical for Aries. But at the same time they are impulsive and impatient, which makes it difficult for them to do some boring and monotonous work. They are enterprising and executive, but sometimes they are too straightforward and self-assured. These people always want to be leaders. They also like to be praised and recognized by a lot of people.

Sometimes Aries lacks for constancy and coherence. As soon as they invent some new project they immediately do all the best to realize it as quickly as possible. They have a lot of energy and it helps them to reach their goals.

Aries is a childlike and selfish sign. They like something new and bright just like children. But they also get bored quickly and then try to find new experiences.

The ruling planet of this sign is Mars. It means that planet's characteristics are similar to the Aries' ones. That's why Aries is a courageous, determined and independent person. If their first attempt has failed, it's difficult for them to finish the work properly. Aries should also beware of unnecessary risks, incontinence, aggression and adventurism because of Mars influence. Aries is quite unstable, tends to change and is quickly tired of monotonous and measured lifestyle. It is important for Arians to control themselves to prevent Mars energy to get out of hand.

On condition that Martian qualities would be developed they can help Aries to become an innovator and pioneer of new trends in various fields of human activity: medicine, politics, art, technology, and military occupations. People of Aries sign are usually good athletes, surgeons, doctors, rescue workers and police officers.

The physical side of love is very important for Aries. The extinction of the first impulse of love and feelings results in that the object of passion loses its attraction. A strong desire for freedom and full independence can interfere with their family life. To achieve family happiness, it is useful for them to calm down their impulsiveness.

As far as Aries is a male sign, women have some difficulties in their personal life. They should soothe their male energy and will to power. As a rule, these women tend to depress their partner or bother them with endless advice. It's difficult for them to tolerate people with another nature different from their own. It's impossible to make Aries accept someone's character.

Aries strengths are boldness, courage, the ability to take the lead, physical energy and activity. Possible disadvantages are impulsiveness, reckless behavior, aggression and pressure.