An empathetic sun-Neptune trine on July 8 gives you a greater understanding of other people’s baggage, making you a sensitive partner and lover. You’re more forgiving now, but that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover.

You’re attracted to things that are new and shiny during the Venus-Uranus trine on the eleventh, so your eye is naturally drawn to different types of people. If you’re single, the dating pool is wide open. If you’re in a committed relationship, let the craving for newness develop into something you can do as a couple (maybe role-playing would be fun)!

A powerful sun-Uranus square on July 25 makes you anxious, which, quite frankly, isn’t like you. What are you afraid of? Once you figure out why you’re hesitating, you’ll be back to your true “roll with the waves” nature again.

A full moon and total lunar eclipse in your progressive sign on the twenty-seventh is a lot to deal with, but in the very best way. What do you see when you focus on the big picture? Whatever it is, you’re in it for the long haul.


Jan 19 – Feb 17

People of Aquarius sign are original and rather eccentric. They are spiritually oriented intellectuals. Humanism, freedom, independence, partnership and friendship are important for them.

Aquarians are unusual and ingenious. They have abstract thinking ability, they also like to create different projects connected with human life improvement. They are generous, forgiving, friendly and want all people of the world to be healthy and happy. Aquarians are good psychologists, they are able to understand other people's behavior, plans and goals. They don't use force to deal with opponents, they prefer peaceful ways, excluding volitional pressure.

Their idealism doesn't mean that they are not ready for the real life. They know how to work with their hands, they are good at engineering, and are also rather independent. There are a lot of surprises and unexpected changes in Aquarians' life. They are always on the go, depression and inactivity are unknown for these people.

As a ruling planet of this sign, Uranus provides Aquarians with interest in everything new and unusual. They aren’t afraid to try something unexpected, and often make revolutions in science or technology. Saturn balances the unpredictable Uranus influence. It helps Aquarians to be more thinking and responsible. In spite of their avant-garde thinking, these people respect traditions as the source that helps them to create.

Aquarians don't like to be leaders, because it limits their freedom of actions. They like to work in a team, but they rarely prefer to be a big boss.

The most successful career for this sign is connected with technology or researches. It can be chemistry, philosophy, psychology, medicine and archaeology. All kinds of modern art are also suitable for them. Their desire to improve people's life can help Aquarians to realize themselves in sociology or other social sciences.

Freedom and independence are also important for Aquarians in love. They are changeable and unpredictable lovers. The presence of friendship and spiritual unity in relationships are significant for them. These people are not jealous. They are not homebodies, but it doesn't mean that they are always somewhere. It's important for them to be independent in their actions and decisions.

Aquarius strengths are independence, original thinking and democracy. Possible disadvantages are rebelliousness and anarchism.