Your Ideal Love Story According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Ideal Love Story According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone dreams about a perfect relationship which gives them a sea of positive emotions.
Let’s find out which kind of love relationship you dream of.
An ideal Love Story for …


A perfect love story for you is a legal marriage. It should be a union of two strong, ambitious and successful people equal in rights. You do not bear weak and unlucky people who are indifferent towards their life. But to get along with people who are far more successful than you is unbearable either. A partner of the same status and financial position is what you are looking for.

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You need a person who will make you forget about the surrounding world. Of course, you are very responsible, so in any case you will keep on working, doing sports and visiting your family, but as soon as you find a worthy partner, all these things will go into the background. Making your home a cosy nest for you and your beloved will be of primary importance.

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You do not bear routine, boring dates and ordinary compliments. The ideal romance is a relationship full of passion, which reminds of a bonfire that burns even brighter. Your emotions run high and carry all before one. In XV-XVII centuries your love story would end tragically and be perpetuated in verses.

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You strive for becoming better in the relationship with your beloved. You need a person who will help you to reveal your hidden traits and develop your strong points. An interesting fact about you is your unwillingness to change, that is why this transformation should happen easily. Only then you will notice your partner’s good influence and grow fond of this person.

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A perfect relationship is the relationship which will give you benefits: status, money or career development. You don’t like to give your love for no good reason, the need of your heart is not enough – cold clarity is welcome. You attract your beloved by your appearance, intellect and manners, but you also want to become hard-won treasure.

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You like people who understand you perfectly. You match with people who are your mirror reflection. When you meet this person, you will immediately fall in love. This love will be so strong as your love towards yourself. Nothing will be able to break this love, even a natural disaster.



You need a person with a strong position in life. Being Libra you tend to daydreaming, so you need a person who will think of everyday routine matters. But you have the whole list of requirements towards your perfect partner as well as tens of different scenarios of your ideal love story.
Even after meeting your perfect candidate, you will think of their idealism.

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A perfect partner for you is a person who will manage to get out of the problems you will create for them. Your ideal partner should anticipate all your eccentric tricks. When you notice a worthy “victim” you will work out a plan how to entice this person and win his\her heart. And here is your potential partner’s concern – whether he\she gets out of this relationship or not.

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A perfect relationship for you is when your partner is happy as never before. You have your own scenario and when you meet a potential partner you are ready to realize it – start taking care of, nourishing and cherishing this person. You are looking for an innocent charmer, keeping away from underdogs.

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You want to love that one and only. Having said this, this very person should love you in the way you want it. So, a perfect relationship is a union of two strong people who have a common purpose. You prefer to take the leadership in the love sphere as well as in any other one. So, your partner must be ready to play the second fiddle.

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You have no time for planning, so a perfect love story is a sudden romance that happens unexpectedly. The best potential partner is a mysterious superhero, who will appear in your life between his chases and shoot-outs with mafia. Aquarius prefer an unusual mysterious story. The more secrets and dangers it contains, the better.

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You are good at manipulating people and getting the most out of communication with them. You are the author of a scenario for your ideal love story. To find a worthy person, make this person fall in love with you and use him\her is a piece of cake for Pisces. A casual acquaintance – invitation for a cup of coffee – passionate night – a diamond ring – you have already planned everything.

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