Why your guests are not eager to visit you?

Why your guests are not eager to visit you?

Raise your eyes from the monitor and look around. It’s time to change something in your house, isn’t it? So, get up and go for new furniture! What kind of furniture? Your Zodiac is going to suggest.


You need to show your guests that a courageous and confident person is living here. It’s necessary for you to be surrounded with clear lines from the bedside table to the kitchen chairs. The upholstery should be bright – red, yellow or white. You live easily, so choose furniture so as to rearrange it without any difficulties. By the way, who really needs these bulky and cumbersome cupboards? That’s not for Arians! In short, your style is empire.


They say that a man’s home is his castle, and Taureans may use it as their motto. You think that furniture is immovable property – it should be stable and immovable. That’s why choose something reliable, heavy and dark, like antiquarian buffets with Gothic carvings created in the XIX century. And let the whole world wait until you open the massive door… of the wardrobe.


You should certainly express the diversity of your personality with the help of eclectic style. Typical Geminian’s house contains grandmother’s chairs, a table taken from friends, flower-patterned lace curtains and heavy old velvet curtains in one room. Old-fashioned arm-chairs from early sixties and a modern leather sofa are also put together. Oh, a kitchen table instead of a coffee table? That’s all about Geminians. But we advise you to hang some pots with decorative greens to add more coziness to your house.


You believe that convenience, reliability, durability and safety are the main requirements for furniture painted in green, blue or black. In other words, you need a secluded corner, protected from the outside world. So, the best style for you is the Art Deco, which was very popular in the 20-30s of the XX century.


You like comfort, that’s why the surrounding interiors should provide you with the opportunities for different relaxation. You should think about a light-colored sofa, a rocking-chair, high mirrors and so on. Just visit some antique shops or flea markets or rummage the grandparents’ garret, because the ideal furniture for you was made in the 40-50s of the XX century.


You are interested in original and practical furniture design. A bunk bed in a children’s room, folding wooden chairs in the kitchen and a sliding-door wardrobe make your house comfortable, functional and economical. You should find the right place to everything just to be able to find it even in the dark with your eyes closed. Choose universal and practical gray-brown shades for your walls and carpets. Where can you find it? So, in any furniture store!


You always try to make your house so cozy, that every guest feels there as comfortable as at home. That’s why choose the same colors and ornaments for your wallpapers, carpers and furniture upholstery. Nothing should differ from the general harmony. You would be really glad to surround yourself with soft and tender things of blue, beige and lavender colors. You may also like all shades of aqua.


You prefer exclusive interior with aggressive forms and colors. You don’t like flowers, laces and bows. Even bed linen you prefer non-standard. Well, make your bed black or red. Your walls may be decorated with posters from fantastic or action movies. You are able to feel comfortable surrounded by dark brown or vinous furniture decorated with Notre Dame Cathedral style – gargoyles, dragon paws or hawks heads.


You would appreciate light furniture decorated with animal or vegetable ornament. Your house should certainly demonstrate your love for traveling. Sofa beds and folding tables seem to be invented special for your Zodiac Sign – only Sagittarians are inclined to have such a cluster of different transforming furniture. And that’s great!


You should change your home interior depending on your regular career promotion. Formerly, it was normal for you to put an old sofa and hang grandmother’s chandelier in the living-room. But over the years, you should demonstrate your prosperity to guests, inviting them to the luxurious table served by expensive china. And one more tip: pay attention to the Gothic cupboards and wardrobes encrusted with gol


Choose blue, turquoise or light green colors for the furniture decoration. Make it as clear, as possible. It should be light and imponderable like sea breeze. Your visitors have to know that you are a person of exalted rank, free from any problems. High-tech style is ideal for people like you. Moreover, you may hang some pictures of abstract or surreal painters on the walls.


Furniture should be a foothold in the unsteady world around, isn’t it? So, try to find something firm and massive but elegant at the same time. In a word, it should be exquisite. Choose blue and other cold shades of ocean. The pictures of sea-scapes are also appropriate. Peace, harmony and happiness to your home!

© Alena Ozerova