Why is this Fashion Horoscope your secret ingredient?

Why is this Fashion Horoscope your secret ingredient?

Are you sure you are not a rookie in shopping? What if your intuition lets you down choosing new clothes?

This Fashion Horoscope will be helpful in two cases: you are single or you are married. Being single and preparing for a date, you will not be puzzled in front of your wardrobe. Being married and preparing for a romantic evening together, you will surely know what to be dressed in. Your Zodiac sign influences not only your personality, but clothing as well. Read your horoscope and find out what suits you most.

Aries Fashion and Style

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You are real leaders of the fashion world. Your motto can be expressed by the words of Coco Chanel:”Fashion changes, but style endures”. Usually, you like to go shopping and enjoy this process. Aries should choose exclusive and well matched clothes.
The best clothes for Aries Women are those that accentuate the shapes.
Aries Men fashion is simple, but good-quality and modern things.

Taurus Fashion and Style

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You have a talent to draw people’s attention to your clothes. You know your advantages and disadvantages and know how to emphasize the former ones and hide the latter ones. You like comfort and luxury, but can dress very bravely. Sometimes, you blindly follow trends, but you should be able to stop at the right moment. Your motto is harmony and beauty without window dressing.

Gemini Fashion and Style

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You always look young and fresh, wearing the style of the youth, just do not abuse too short and tight clothes. You easily follow the fashion and understand the trends. Geminis do not like to wear the same clothes twice, that is why, they have a huge wardrobe. Gemini Women should choose modern and stylish dresses. Gemini Men clothing is fashionable and comfortable.

Cancer Fashion and Style

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You are afraid to look frivolously. Your motto is elegance and comfort. You should try different styles: sporty, casual and chick. Cancer Women’s weak point is fluttering dresses and golden or silver accessories. Men like to wear suits, but even wearing jeans, they skillfully combine them with a shirt.

Leo Fashion and Style

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Leos tend to luxury: leather and fur. They spend a good deal on good-quality clothes. The classics is the best solution for people born under this sign. Leo Women clothing often consists of high fashion parts. Men should prefer classic style.

Virgo Fashion and Style

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You like to combine beauty and comfort. Going shopping, Virgo would better choose simple clothes, paying much attention to the details. And do not show off the labels. Women are advisable to wear dresses or skirts, because they like to look feminine and romantic. Virgo Men clothing is the classics.

Libra Fashion and Style

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Find a good balance between color and shape. Libra Women and Men like to be well dressed. At the same time, you prefer to create your own trends. Everything in your look should be harmonious and well matched: the style, color, shape, accessories.

Scorpio Fashion and Style

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Choose clothes that are very modern, fresh and provocative. Do not be afraid, you will never look absurdly. Courage is your main trump and, of course, the inborn feeling of the most fashionable things. Women will do the utmost to have the dress they like, if they can not buy it, they will call a seamstress.

Sagittarius Fashion and Style

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Your second name is Glamour! Your clothes should make you so fabulous and put in the limelight. Combine the uncombinable! Any other person would look tasteless, but not you. Sagittarius clothing can blend ethnic, African and Indian motives together.

Capricorn Fashion and Style

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You have the inborn ability to choose clothes that emphasize your advantages. Classic but at the same time sexy style is what Capricorns need. Buying accessories, choose them by their originality and singularity. Be led by your intuition and it will not let you down.

Aquarius Fashion and Style

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You are a very refined and artistic person who has the inborn feeling of fashion. Thanks to your good taste and intuition you can make your own trends. You do not let yourself wear mediocre clothes. Spend more time shopping, trying to find the missing detail to complete your look. In every day life prefer casual style. But being at a party, Aquarius Woman should not be unnoticed.

Pisces Fashion and Style

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You are dreamy and romantic. Women are advisable to prefer the clothes that repeat and emphasize their body shapes. Being a real fashionista, you like to draw people’s attention. This is a characteristic feature for Pisces Men as well. They find themselves in the center of attention without any efforts. Pisces are so natural that can not be vulgar. Choose only well known brands and good materials.