Why do you need to pour the Earth signs?

Why do you need to pour the Earth signs?

If your Zodiac sign belongs to The Earth element and you would like to learn more about the Earth sign traits, our article is just for you!

What are the Earth signs?

People who belong to the Earth element are very sensitive and vulnerable, despite of outer coldness. However, their sensitivity is a little one-sided, because they are easily offended when criticized, but may be hypercritical towards other people.  This is one of the negative aspects from the Earth signs traits. The ability to be in somebody’s shoes and understand what another person feels is pretty weak. A deeper analysis of the horoscope shows the complete absence of the Water element in it (it gives us the ability to sympathize). The best advice for people of the Earth element is to be more reserved and civil. A good recommendation for people who deal with the Earth signs is to be more patient.

These people always struggle with their coldness meeting new people, trying to get to know them. Sometimes, their permanent advice may look like cavils, but they are led by the desire to help, share their opinion, which sometimes seem most useful. If Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo want to get the desired job or career development, they need to learn how to hold their weaknesses in check. Each situation that takes place in their lives must serve as a new lesson to work on themselves and become better.

They are unlikely to offend somebody on purpose, though it does not completely justify them. Moreover, they are not fond of loneliness thus should try to control their impulses not to alienate their friends or a partner. Sometimes their close people just need to be heard and mentally supported. Try to listen to them without sharp remarks. It is good if some of your friends belong to the Water signs to make a desert a fruitful land. People under this element do not have an easy life, all the handicaps they had on their way hardened them. So, do not judge them strictly, try to understand because for some reason you are together.

Best Traits of The Earth Signs

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Their best traits are practicality, reliability, purposefulness. They do not expect any gifts from life, that is why they got used to working hard and achieve the desirable things by their own, being very diligent and persistent. Do not be afraid of being left in hard times without their support. They are good friends and ready to overcome difficulties with you hand in hand.

Worst Traits of The Earth Signs

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Sometimes they are very pessimistic which makes them boring. They are harsh to themselves and the surrounding people. Being in love, they will not be very inventive. Be ready for simple courtship and comfortable evenings without surprises.

Each representative of the Earth signs has corresponding energy. But it manifests itself differently depending upon a person.
It is caused by the other factors of the horoscope that can be revealed only through a deeper and thorough analysis.
But they can not refuse the energy of the Sun. It is presented in every person, just get to know him or her better.

Taurus 20 March – 18 April

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Taurus can bear any contradictions that appear in their life but with time they are accumulating and start oppressing. Their experience, skills and professionalism help them evaluate any situation they face and successfully cope with it. They are very diligent and do their work with confidence. To win their heart, present them with a gift, especially, a sweet or intellectual one.

Capricorn 21 December – 18 January

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They are the people of discipline. They tend to order and planning. Capricorns are ready to work out a game plan for everything and strictly follow it. They slowly but soundly and firmly grow, achieving their purpose. Skillfully use every opportunity to reach the desired goal. Being group-centered, they want everybody to help a team to gain necessary results. To win their hearts get interested in their plan and discuss it. Sometimes, the discussion is of more importance and pleasure than the realization.

Virgo 22 August – 21 October

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They will behave according to your treatment. If you regard them with feelings, they will turn out to be compliant. On the contrary, being treated badly, they will become critical, callous towards others. Dislike being criticized and can easily adjust themselves to a situation. Their motto is to work thoroughly and pedantically. To win their hearts do not criticize what they are doing because they put their heart into it.

Now you know what the Earth signs are!