What’s your Zodiac spirit animal which protects you and supports energetically?

What’s your Zodiac spirit animal which protects you and supports energetically?

Spiritual and energetic bonds between humans and animals do exist. Already in pagan times people observed this connection and tried to use it. For instance, they crafted wooden and stone talismans in form of different beasts to support its owner energetically. Modern astrologers cannot but agree that every zodiac sign has a spirit animal which helps in difficult situations and brings luck. 

A person’s spirit animal is identified by the position of the Sun in the starry arch at the very moment of this person’s birth. As the Sun changes its positions throughout the year, people born under different zodiac signs have different animal patrons. Well, ready to find out what is your animal patron? Let’s start, then. 


Aries spirit animal is the ox – a wise and mighty animal that possesses great physical power but often looses control over emotions. Oxen are very quick-tempered and obstinate as well as Aries people.

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Those born under the Taurus sign are happy to have a serious and powerful patron. A clever and strong master of the forest – a bear – is the Taurus spirit animal. Ancient tribes treated bears with great respect and regarded them as defenders of the hearth and home. Bears won’t attack for no reason, but if infuriated they become cruel and bloodthirsty fighters.

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Gemini spirit animal is a tiny hardworking field mouse. A mouse has always served as symbol of welfare and family values. Unlike many other creatures field mice are monogamous: they choose a partner onсe in a lifetime and live together until death comes. 

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Though you may think that the Cancer spirit animal is a cancer, you are quite mistaken. The patron of Cancer people is a calm, industrious beaver capable of adapting to any conditions. These traits can be easily noticed in any who belongs to the Cancer zodiac sing. 

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Leos are protected and supported energetically by lions. The spirit animal of Leo people is well-known for its dignity, wisdom and prudence. Much like real lions Leo people adore being in the limelight. Their inborn charm, prudence and leadership skills help them achieve any aims.

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Virgo spirit animal is the dog. No need to mention that this pet is a symbol of friendship, loyalty and protection. The dog protects the house from strangers and can understand the master’s emotions. Such a patron perfectly suits Virgos who are also empathic and faithful.

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 Representatives of the Libra sign are patronized by industrious, active and intelligent bees. The Libra spirit animal (or insect to be more precise) lives only in a society of its kind and is helpless out of it. The same can be said about Libra people – they show their outstanding talents only when feel support of others. 

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Guess whose spirit animal is a mysterious, independent and reserved cat? Of course, Scorpios’! Like any cats Scorpio people are cautions, enigmatic and introverted. They hate being ordered and controlled.

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 The spirit animal of Sagittarius is the moose. This forest inhabitant is associated with might, wisdom and power over external circumstances. Our ancestors believed it protected motherhood and family happiness. It was a good sign to see a grown-up moose in the woods.

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Capricorn spirit animal is a slim graceful antelope. Capricorn people are usually full of vigor and energy. As well as antelopes, a Capricorn hate being alone and may realize his/her potential in society only.

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No wonder a hardworking, sturdy and helpful horse is the spirit animal of Aquarius. People of that zodiac sign are always ready to assist whether in words or actions. They can’t stand a betrayal of any kind and are extremely sincere. 

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A snail is a patron of Pisces. This spirit animal, though small and slow, has a number of wonderful qualities. For example, it can survive almost in any conditions. Besides, snails are believed to possess the energy of tranquility and friendliness. Such energy is also typical of the Pisces people.  

© Andrey Armyagov