What was your past life? Read to find out!

What was your past life? Read to find out!

Very often you have a “deja vu” and do not understand what it is. These are reminiscences from your previous life. How was it: full of decency or rebellions?

This article can give you the answers. Your Zodiac sign can reveal your past and give prompts how to behave in your current life.

Is past life a myth or reality?

In culture of many nations there is a concept that our current life is not the end of our way. It is just a link in the chain of ever-lasting rebirths of a person’s soul. According to these ideas, the soul after a person’s death does not die and go to heaven. It enters the body of a newborn baby, being pure from the past life’s memories. This is called reincarnation. And it can take place from three times to infinity. According to Buddhists’ opinion, the way a person lived the previous life reflects on reincarnation. In other words, a sinful and dishonorable person may rebirth into an unpleasant creature, for example, a worm. That is why, Indians treat nature with respect.

In fact, sometimes, many people find out that they possess knowledge from unfamiliar branches. It is often called intuition or a “deja vu”. But it may be the remainings of knowledge saved in your past life.

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How does astrology help us to know about your past life?

Your horoscope contains the information that shows what you have brought from your past life, what knowledge, skills and experience you had. It serves as a basis for your current life and will help you go to a bright future.

How to know who you were in your past life? Your past life influences your current one. Who you were in your past life would show who you are going to be in this life. Your Zodiac sign can lift the veil of mystery. The main thing to remember is that the extremes of your past life must be balanced in this one.


During your past life you behaved yourself. The way you ate, dressed, worked and lived met the society’s requirements and standards. That is why, now, you have changed and your lifestyle does not depend upon the opinion of majority. But do not go too far, following your principles. You can live any way you like, but remain rather reserved. Other people know other ways and methods to achieve the desired purpose.


You were a true skinflint in your past life. You led a beggar way of life, though your financial position was good. Even now, you can afford a better life. You like good and high-quality things but rarely afford them. It is time to enjoy beautiful things. You, surely, deserve it. Spend some time alone and delight relaxing.


You are charmed by usual things: clouds, flowers, brooks. You can spend hours watching beauties of nature. In your past life you were a scientist who studied law, philosophy, science. You rarely had a chance to notice simple things and a deep meaning behind them. Now you make up for lost time. Keep it up!


Your home is the best place for you. The family is of most significance and you are strongly attached to it. But in your past life it was not so. You were devoted to work. Being a king or a farmer, you knew your workmates better than close people. You must find a balance between your job and family in your current life.


You are very proud and self-confident. It seems you overvalue yourself. It is not bad, now it is time to think about yourself. In your past life you were concentrated on other people. You took care of every poor and oppressed person. You treated everybody as a close relative. Now put yourself in the limelight. Just remember, that you should not boast.


Clergyman, priest, monk… you were completely devoted to spiritual life and moved off the world, though ready to help your close people if necessary. Now you are eager to learn everything new and are easily involved in anything exciting and fascinating. You are on the ball.


You care about the opinion of the society. Your manners are perfect, and you feel comfortable when your behavior meets the social standards. In your past life you were an egoistic and arrogant person, who did not care about anything and anybody.


You are said to be silent. And it is true. You never say much about yourself and avoid chattering. In your past life you behaved otherwise. You were likely to know many secrets and much confidential information but could not keep it secret. The lesson of the current life is to find a balance between talkativeness and silence.


You like to have fun and enjoy your life. But your interests often differ from your friends’ ones. You tend to visit exhibitions and intellectual seminars. Maybe, it is because in your past life you were too careless about everything. You did not pay attention to anything serious, doing what you wanted.


Sometimes, you feel the need to be at home more often, but, in general, you are a go-getter. This is an imprint of your past life where you preferred to stay at home. Now you are attracted by everything outside of your house. You should feel free exploring new opportunities, but remember, the key word for your current life is balance.


Every time you hear about the victims of a war or hunger, it brings tears to your eyes. You care about the people you do not know and have profound sympathy for them. In your past life you never thought about it. Your family and friends were the only people you took care of. It is good that you are not indifferent to people’s grief, but do not be too sensitive.


Being the last Zodiac sign, your past life overcame through all the troubles given above.The main thing now is spiritual practices. Try to express yourself through art. During your past life you were too practical. Now it is time to rise above the material world.

Hope, you will learn the lesson given by your past life and will enjoy yor present one.

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