What sacral meaning do astrological symbols have?

What sacral meaning do astrological symbols have?

The Zodiac signs have their own symbols. There are twelve Zodiac signs in astrology and each of them has its own symbolic meaning. These symbols are relative images connected with the name of the Zodiac sign.

If you look at them closer, you will be able to notice that the symbols resemble an animal or object. For example, Aries’ symbol is an image that looks like the horns of a ram, Taurus’ symbol reminds of a bull’s head and so on.

The Symbols of The Zodiac Signs

It symbolizes the explosion, the beginning of everything.

The circle is a spirit, the horns are a soul. It means that Taurus appreciates physical comfort and emotions more than spirituality, which is in the background.

There are two arcs that symbolize the constant flow of information. The information you get must be shared and you will get a new portion of it. It means developing the surrounding world. Two arcs are combined in roman number “two” which shows duality.

The symbol represents Yin and Yang, the unity of masculine and feminine that gives life.

This symbol means the manifestation of “self”.

The letter “M” symbolizes thinking. You get information from the outside and process it inwardly.

This symbol means the setting Sun, being the opposite to Aries.

As Virgo Scorpio gets information from the outside, but instead of saving and processing, sends it right on target.

The cross symbolizes the body and together with the arrow, which means purpose, the symbol shows purposefulness of this sign.

This symbol takes its roots from Aries but with the presence of a spirit, which is directed to inwards.

Two zigzag lines symbolize the constant flow of unstable ideas and thoughts.


Two arcs look at different sides, receiving information from everywhere. It symbolizes the ability to blend in space.

The symbols of the astrological aspects

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An aspect is an angle between the planets in the zodiac circle. The Zodiac circle is 360°. Aspects are measured in degrees according to their angular distance. It must be close to concrete (0°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°) to form an aspect. Though, sometimes, the distance is not exact and astrologers use orbs.

There are also hard and soft aspects. The former ones show problems, disharmony and conflicts – real or potential. The latter aspects mean cooperation and mutual understanding. There are minor and major aspects, of course, interpreting the horoscope the latter ones are of primarily importance. The former aspects have qualifying character.

Let’s consider the major aspects.

Conjunction (0°)

The planets are together and it is considered to be the strongest aspect in astrology. The planets get on well with each other. The aspect can be soft, when two planets with similar energy are united, and hard, when they disturb each other.

Sextile (60°)

It is a soft aspect connected with support and help. Being in the horoscope is said to be a lucky chance given by destiny. But it does not mean that everything will go successfully without your efforts.

Square (90°)

The right angle means a conflict, so this aspect is hard. People who have it in their horoscope are likely to become successful because they are ready to fight for their dream and compete.

Trine (120°)

It is one of the softest aspects. The planets completely supplement and support each other. The interpretation of the horoscope with a trine is usually characterized by luck, the absence of troubles and successful undertakings.

Opposition (180°)

It is an exact opposition of a conjunction. The planets are opposite each other. This aspect shows a complete confrontation, unwillingness to have anything in common and the absence of compromises.

The symbols of the planets in astrology

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Each planet has its symbol that possesses an astrological meaning. Each symbol consists of three main elements: a circle, half moon and a cross. The circle is a symbol of a pure spirit, symbolizes eternity and endless opportunities. It also correlates with the Sun, manifested creation. The half moon symbolizes a soul and brings predetermination for the whole life. It is connected with the Moon and a cyclic character of life: life itself and death. The cross stands for the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Below you can see the table with planets’ symbols.

The Sun

— The Sun is the center. It is the source of life and energy. This central dot shows how will and ego give vital energy for a man’s personality.

— The circle is God-Spirit. It can symbolize a manly figure, for example, a father or a husband, anybody. The planet has masculine energy.

— The key word is Will.

The Moon

— The Moon is a receiver of the solar light. It represents a woman.

— The Moon does not have its own light, it manifests the unconscious, instincts and desires of every person. Trying to satisfy our needs, we get dependent on them.

— The key word is Feelings.


— Will and feelings of the Sun and Moon manifest themselves through Mercury’s intellect. Mercury shows how a person communicates with the world.

— The key word is Intellect.


— Love, harmony and beauty adorn our life on the Earth. It is a symbolic manifestation of divine and spiritual love.

— The key words are Love and Beauty.

Mars ♂

— Mars shows the desire of the flesh to win a victory over high intentions.

— The arrow in this symbol is similar to a Scorpio’s one. The planet symbolizes sexual intentions, passion and anger.

— The key words are Aggression and Action.

Jupiter ♃

— This planet gives us the gift of prophecy and optimism. It teaches us to see what lies beyond the bounds and understand the philosophy of life.

— The key words are Growth and Expansion.

Saturn ♄

— Saturn is our teacher. It creates boundaries and form discipline. It is a manifestation of justice, big achievements and responsibility.

— The key words are Teacher and Restrictions.

Uranus ♅

— It symbolizes new ideas and discoveries. In the horoscope Uranus is considered as intuition and self-expression, everything new and extraordinary.

— The key word is Incentive.

Neptune ♆

— It symbolizes artistic character: poetry, cinema, dance, photography. Bad influence from Neptune is an escape from reality.

— The key words are Illusion and Spirituality.

Pluto ♇

— Pluto symbolizes the ability of people to transform by means of their spiritual recognition. Consciousness addresses its elevated aspirations.

— The key word is Transformation.

Now you are aware of the main symbols of astrology and can easily interpret your horoscope!