What Leo traits do you share with Barack Obama?

What Leo traits do you share with Barack Obama?

What Leo typical traits can help you in your future career or love relationship? Some famous Leos have already proved that they can be great leaders and superstars. Read more about your Zodiac sign and get ready to shine.

Leo Zodiac dates 23 July — 22 August. The Zodiac sign Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, which belongs to The Fire Element and is ruled by the Sun.

Leo Element

People of this sign willingly share their warmth and expect support and protection against the wind’s blasts. The fire is glowing evenly, not too strong, but permanently. It does not burn but heats, though, sometimes, let’s be honest, its warmth is not enough.

They have enough power to maintain the warmth but their fire will not make ice melt. This task can hardly be interesting for them. Their fire burns for the chosen ones. They put their energy only when they expect the sensational success recognized by the society. Among the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) The Zodiac sign Leo is the most rational in the use of his/her resources. Moreover, its flame is most decorative.

Leo Ruling Planet

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Leo’s planet is the Sun. It gives the people of this sign leadership traits. Pride and self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect make the people born under this sign the elite of humankind. Born in the harmonious Sun, these people are generous and noble by nature. The star endows them with the destiny of a person who gets everything in his or her life easily.

The people of the Sun respect the authority from their childhood and they strive for being respected. Leos have big ambitions and they realize them not only to reach personal success or get a high position in the society. These people are highly appreciated and respected even if they do not get a mighty position.

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Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 9, 11
Lucky days of the week: Sunday
Lucky color: scarlet, golden
Lucky stone: topaz, amber, ruby
Most compatible signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo
Less compatible signs: Taurus, Scorpio
The opposite sign: Aquarius
Famous Leos: Napoleon, Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, Jenifer Lopez.

Best traits

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— sympathetic

— emotional

— concentrate

— care

— soft

— vulnerable

— generous

Worst traits

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— too sensitive

— touchy

— tend to laziness

— irresolute

— tearful

The Leo Star Sign Personality

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People born under this sign are very willful and they can hardly be under somebody’s control. They are generous and noble, self-confident, proud and masculine, power-seeking and demanding, and, sometimes, spendthrift.

They tend to arrogance and pomp, and serve for great ideas. Do not feel embarrassed to test other people’s will. They can be rude and short tempered. Take care of everybody who easily yields to care. They like luxurious life, sport and pleasure.

They can sacrifice but at the same time never forget about themselves. Mostly Men of the Zodiac sign Leo are amiable and compassionate, their feelings are always very deep. But if their pride is wounded, they can easily switch their feelings. A person of no other sign can leave his or her lover with such indifference as Leo can.


They are very attractive but should not brag. Otherwise, they will alienate a person they are trying to attract. They like to look appeal and use every opportunity to take care of their appearance.

They enjoy vising beauty salons or doing cosmetic procedures. You never see them at home in a robe and with dirty hair. All of this is worth it. It causes women’s envy and jealousy and men’s admiration. They tend to look and live luxuriously. It makes them achieve everything by their own. They tend to be independent and do the utmost to be a woman they want.


By nature they have leadership qualities. In case the child is not right or acts naughty (as Leo’s element-Fire), their parents should not strictly punish or oppress them, it is much better to call for their inborn good sense and the feeling of justice. These qualities will serve as a basis for adult Leo traits.

They possess the feeling of self-respect and like to be in the limelight. Showing their talents, they enjoy loud cheers and compliments. In return, their parents should teach them to respect other people’s dignity.