Uranus in Taurus: what will the six-year period bring?

Uranus in Taurus: what will the six-year period bring?

On March 6, 2019 Uranus finally entered the constellation of Taurus and will stay there for the next 6 years. This means the end of a very aggressive and turbulent period on a global scale. But what is each of us to expect due to this heavenly movements?

After entering Taurus, the third largest planet of the solar system started its unique productive work which will last till July 2025.

From July 7, 2025 Uranus will keep changing his position entering Gemini and then returning back to Taurus until April 26, 2026 when this planet finally leaves Taurus for the next 84 years.


To understand what this six-year period will mean to us, we should first analyze the sign of Taurus.  This constellation of the Zodiac symbolizes human resources both material and energetic, such as finance, property, real estate and intellect, education, health, will.

Taurus is regarded to be a sign of fertility, creativity, peace and patience, success and welfare, beauty and art.


As for Uranus, this planet is a symbol of independence, creativity, great changes and freedom. That’s why Uranus is believed to patronize rebellions and rebels. People of Uranus are scientists, reformates, revolutionists, prophets, astrologers, astronauts and pilots, buffoons, comedians and other extraordinary people.  The third largest planet is also responsible for intuition, insights and clairvoyance since Uranus is a conductor of cosmic powers and energy.

However, being in Taurus, Uranus loses its rebellious nature and starts to serve as a patron of discovery, invention and art, economic growth and cutting-edge technologies. Conservative, stubborn and mercantile people may have a hard time because it will be too difficult to resist upcoming changes.

How to behave cleverly while Uranus is in Taurus?

Get rid of unnecessary things, especially if they are expensive and don’t bring you any pleasure. Check all your closets and drawers and clear space for fresh and new energy.

Nevertheless, do not throw away things that are really precious for you, like memorable photos, gifts or family heirlooms. Patch them or fix and treat with great care.

Go in for sports and be attentive to your health state. Visit doctors, do not take any unnecessary risks and try not to worry about trifles.

Unless you are interested in art and literature, it’s high time to start reading books, attending museums and exhibitions for Uranus in Taurus will favor people who can discern beauty and real talent.

Reconsider your eating habits. Do you often consume junk food? Do you sometimes eat late at night? Do you eat little fruit and few vegetables? Then make an effort to control your regime and meals.

As to your finance, think of investing money into start-ups and businesses connected with new technologies and inventions.

At the same time, do not get keen on money. Remember, it isn’t a goal, but only a means of achieving one. Use money effectively and never waste them on useless things.

Follow this simple advice and the period of Uranus in Taurus will turn out a fruitful and happy one.

© Jackie Niam