Traits of your zodiac sign which men don’t like at all

Traits of your zodiac sign which men don’t like at all

Whatever beautiful and interesting you’re, there are still certain qualities of your character which men can’t bear. What are they according to your zodiac sign? Discover now and start working on it lest you should alienate the one you really like! 


Female representatives of this sign are charming and pretty, which doesn’t leave any man indifferent. However, Aries-Women are often garrulous – even while making love they may talk without a stop. As a result, men are irritated and want to get rid of such a chatterbox as soon as possible!


Taurus-women prove to be the most jealous females in the zodiac. At the very beginning of relationships this negative quality is barely noticeable, but after a while a Taurus-woman starts treating the man as her possession. Such behavior will certainly make any man crazy!


In love life, female Geminians are too changeable and unreliable. Today they seem to love you and care about you, but the next day they may forget all about you and your feelings. Their light-mindedness has already broken thousands of hearts and will break even more. As soon a man realizes that he can’t trust such a woman, he starts packing his things immediately.


These girls are too generous and kind: It seems they may forgive any fault as long as they love a person truly. If a man is looking for a mother Teresa, such quality is great. But if he wants a lover and an equal partner, he will soon start despising a woman and may fall in love with another one, who has no problems with self-respect.


Leo-Women adore arguing and picking on their partners. Their self-esteem is often too high and they want to shows others, even lovers, that they’re the smartest of all. Only weak men can endure such behavior for too long. Others just say goodbye to those Leo-women who keep humiliating them and pointing at their drawbacks.


Virgo-Women are always searching for an ideal prince and can’t reconcile with the drawbacks their actual partner has. They do everything possible to change him and sometimes go too far: the man can’t stand it anymore and prefers another less demanding woman. Remember, there are no ideal people, so learn to accept a person the way he or she is.


Female Libras like to be in the center of attention, but this may annoy their partners who can become rather jealous. Just imagine the person you love flirting with everybody around! We bet nobody would like such a spectacle. If Libras don’t want to lose their beloveds, they’d better be more reserved and cautious.


Scorpio-women are at times too suspicious and do everything possible to control the partner. They try to interpret their man’s every gesture, glance or movement and may even demand that he should report them on all his actions. Such behavior will surely irritate a normal person, especially when a woman herself isn’t a trustworthy one.  


Most female Sagittarians tend to exaggerations and see problems where there aren’t any. Though people of this sign are usually positive and cheerful, they become real pessimists when it comes to love relationships.  A Sagittarius-woman may spend lots of time imagining her beloved to leave her or be unfaithful. It’s essential to bear in mind, that nobody loves pessimistic people.   


Girls born under this zodiac sign talk too much about their past relations. Moreover, they often compare their partners with ex-lovers which may naturally offend any man. Remember that every person is unique and it’s simply unfair to compare him or her with somebody else. Besides, if you have chosen a man, you should accept him the way he is.


Aquarius-women want to have a lover and a friend in one person. They are extremely feminine and passionate, but at the same time don’t like too much sugar in relationships. Men who like tender and romantic females may be disappointed and even annoyed by their seeming callousness. Advice for Aquarius-women is never to mix friendship and love, and to be more attentive to your beloved.


Women of this star sign are straightforward and sincere, often even too much. Despite sincerity being a good quality, sometimes it’s better to be tactful than frank. Your honesty may hurt other people’s feelings and make them avoid your company.