The secrets of Mayan Astrology

The secrets of Mayan Astrology

The Mayan Calendar is a unique tool which has come to us through centuries. Using it, Mayan priests could forecast the global events together with the future of every person. At the moment of your birth, you get a surge of energy, which influences you during your whole life. The Mayan Horoscope takes into account this influence and gives a full characteristic to each of 20 signs. To find out The Mayan Sign one needs to use special tabs to relate the modern calendars to the Mayan one. 

Mayan Calendar Structure

This calendar is based upon a cycle of 260 days, which is devided into periods of 20 and13 days. Each day of a 20-days cycle has its own name, and they successively interchange: the first day is Crocodile or Imix, then Wind or Ik and so on. This cycle overlaps with a 13-days cycle, the days of which do not have their own names and differ only by numbers from 1 to 13. The first day of the 260-days cycle is called Crocodile – 1, then comes Wind – 2 and so on. When it comes to the fourteenth day, the 13-days cycle counting starts from the very beginning – 1. For example, after Reed or Ben – 13 comes Jaguar or Ixl – 1. After the 260-days cycle finishes, it starts all over again. 

This is the way the Mayan Calendar is arranged. Besides these cycles, Maya people had longer cycles such as tuns (360 days), k’atuns (7200 days) and b’ak’tuns (144000 days). 

The whole epoch consisted of 260 k’atuns, that is approximately equal to 5125 solar years. The past epoch was called the Fifth Sun and it was finished on December, 21st 2012. Now it is the epoch of the Sixth Sun. 

So, according to Mayan Astrology there are 20 astrological signs. Let’s study each of 20 Mayan Signs

Crocodile (Imix)

The First Day sign, Crocodile, often feels helpless and lost. It may be the reason for your emotionalism. At the same time you are full of brilliant ideas and fantasies. You have a great desire to be always on the go. You don’t mind being involved into ventures. 

You also have a constant necessity to be secured, that is why you are very sensitive. Thanks to understanding other people’s worries and concerns, you may be a good doctor or teacher. Children and family are of primary importance for you. You like to protect and take care of your relatives. However, sometimes you may lose your temper and become very withdrawn. 

Friend: Wind

Foe: Monkey

Wind (Ik)

Wind is the second Day Sign. You have a strong desire to change the world using your creative and incredible ideas. You are many-sided, talented and unpredictable. Ik sign people are, first of all, romantics and idealists. You are very sociable and can express your thoughts in a very plain way. But you have a shortcoming. You lack resolution and call of duty. You try to run away from difficult situations and shift responsibility onto somebody else. That is why, no one can fully rely on you.   

Friend: House

Foe: Grass

House (Akbal)

House is the third Day Sign. You are trying to reach a balance between conscious and unconscious worlds during your whole life. You are striving for spiritual and physical harmony and stability. That is why, the harmonious and comfy atmosphere at home and work is what you need. You successfully compensate the lack of energy by creative thinking and good intuition. Almost all representatives of this sign are very conservative. Thinking logically you have good organizational skills, that is why, often Akbal is a great organizer or philosopher. But sometimes you become withdrawn and these considerations lead to apathy and despair. 

Friend: Lizard

Foe: Reed

Lizard (Kan)

Lizard is the fourth Day Sign. You can be described by one word expression – “natural disaster”. One can not keep up with you and your thoughts. One crazy idea changes another. You need to learn how to control your energy and bring it to the right track. Your self-sufficiency lets you get full independence. You can’t be scared by anything, except one thing – future, which keeps coming inexorably. Even being inconstant, Lizards will easily find their beloved even though the search of this person may take a lot of time. But you are ready to come to its end overcoming all obstacles on your way. 

Friend: Serpent

Foe: Jaguar

Serpent (Chicchan)

Serpent is the fifth Day Sign. Serpent is often compared to the Milky Way. All representatives of the Milky Way sign are well educated and physically developed, but you are in need of attention, that makes you show all your emotions and likings in public. You are also very charming and, if necessary, you use this quality of yours very skillfully. Despite of being in the center of attention, you are trying to keep others at an arm’s length. It is mainly because of your inborn egoism, which is typical of all Serpents. Being always on your way to something special, you often interpret things in the wrong way and it makes your search endless. 

Friend: Death

Foe: Eagle

Death (Cimi)

Death is the sixth Day Sign. Cimi is a guide between the worlds, wandering in the search of something or somebody. You possess ease, however it allows you to become melancholic very fast. Depression accompanies you your whole life. You take to heart every misfortune, even if it does not concern you. Changes and the necessity of being prosperous and receiving good income make you feel unhappy and miserable. You would like to lead a conservative ordinary way of life. But still you are very amiable and sociable. Some of you might become a magician or astrologist. 

Friend: Death

Foe: Eagle

Deer (Manik)

Deer is the seventh Day Sign. You are full of energy that allows you to do great things. You are endowed with incredible talents, artistry and the ability to heal people. You have another strong points: ease and openness, which let you easily find common ground with any people. However, Manik often suffers from loneliness. It does not spoil your relationships with people, though.  

Friend: Rabbit

Foe: Earth

Rabbit (Lamat)

Rabbit is the eighth Day Sign which symbolizes the Moon. The characteristic features of this sign are a refined, cunning and searching mind. These traits help you to solve most difficult questions and insolvable problems quite easily. However, you always choose the way which lets you avoid any troubles. A lot of people of this sign become good doctors and successfully study astrological and magical sciences. At that, Lamat is fully focused on his/her job and can not imagine a better way of spending time. 

Friend: Water

Foe: Knife

Water (Muluc)

Water is the ninth Day Sign. You are endowed with a pure and keen-sighted mind. You have a very sensitive emotional personality with a rich inner world. You have many revolutionary ideas which often border with fantasies. Your greatest desire is to be fully independent. You are often involved into sensational and contradictory events and, that is why, you are always in the limelight. 

Friend: Monkey

Foe: Flower

Dog (Oc)

Dog is the tenth Day Sign. All people born under this sign are characterized by their devotion. Your devotion amazes your close people, friends and even people who surround you. But this strong point of yours causes your main shortcoming – jealousy. This trait scares and irritates most of people. Though, this jealousy is based upon your desire to be closer to those who you love. Family and friendly relationships make Oc feel contented and free. Loving your family so deeply, you are ready to sacrifice your life to help them, but sometimes you are that very person who needs support and much attention.

Friend: Monkey

Foe: Flower

Monkey (Chuen)

Monkey is the eleventh Day Sign. The patron of this sign gives you a gift of communicability. Therefore you are trying to surround yourself with like-minded people. Chuen is a very romantic and flirty sign. Despite of your artificial light-mindedness, you can the secret and private information about yourself. It is usually old offenses, unhappy love affairs and emotional experience. This sign is very lucky in different spheres of their life, but not the love one. 

Friend: Reed

Foe: Wind

Grass (Eb)

Ed is the twelfth Day Sign and it symbolizes the road. The constant fight between their dark and light sides is typical of the Grass Mayan Sign. Belonging to this sign, you are always in constant movement trying to fulfill your ideas and intentions. But you spend all your energy on achieving your plans, as a result, you become completely devastated. Despite of your purposefulness, you stay pretty reserved. Even when anger and fury run high inside of you, your self-control prevails over your emotions and you stay calm. To maintain your inner harmony and be able to control yourself you get energy from your relationships with people who surround you.

Friend: Reed

Foe: Wind

Reed (Ben)

Reed is the thirteenth Day Sign. This sign is often associated with maize. This plant is a source of food for people, and a person of this sign serves as a source of energy and ideas. You are incredibly creative. Inspiration and new ideas come to you daily. Life for you is something endless, stable and indestructible. The hunger for knowledge overfills you, and moreover you have a lot of talents. 

The thing that is unacceptable for you is the limitation of your freedom. You are also a very moody person. Trying to balance your life, you need a hand and constant support. 

Friend: Jaguar

Foe: House

Jaguar (Ixl)

Jaguar is the fourteenth Day Sign. People of this sign are able to find something good and positive even in the most difficult situation. You have a refined personality and exquisite taste. It leads to your longing for buying beautiful new things almost every day. At the same time, daily routine may unsettle you and make you feel helpless and lost. But you can easily be carried away in your fantasy world, which is created by your imagination. No one can disturb you at these moments and you fully use this opportunity. These traits of Ixl are aimed at perfecting their spiritual essence. It is very important, because it can prevent negative consequences of your impetuous mind. 

Friend: Eagle

Foe: Lizard

Eagle (Ixl)

Eagle is the fifteenth Day Sign. Your patron is the Sun God himself. That is why, you have a lot of merits such as sharp mind, quick wits, astuteness and many talents other people can only dream of. You are so developed and educated that can succeed in almost any area. The peculiarity of your character is your freedom-loving nature. Since Eagles were born, they try to become independent. The Eagle serves as an example for people of this sign, and they usually achieve all their ideas and plans.  

Friend: Vulture

Foe: Serpent

Vulture (Ixl)

Vulture is the sixteenth Day Sign. Each representative of this sign has its unique talent, because their patron, The Great Owl, gave them a lot of good qualities. Charm and sensuality are the characteristic traits of such people. You are spiritually developed, educated and well-bred. These advantages make up for your physical weakness. But you should not be underestimated, if someone makes you angry, you will show all your cunning and craft. You are also ready to defend yourself and attack if your freedom is limited. 

Friend: Earth

Foe: Death

Earth (Caban)

Earth is the seventeenth Day Sign. You have a great opportunity to realize your great ideas in different artistic spheres, for example, painting or music. You know what inspiration is about. You can also give a good piece of advice, but never insist on something or show an example. 

Sometimes, Cabans treat their life too seriously, thus become impressionable and can not bear any criticism. The challenge for you is not to become intricate. When you are open to the world and leave your comfort zone, you are able to achieve success. 

Friend: Knife

Foe: Deer

Knife (Etznab)

Knife is the eighteenth Day Sign. The patron of this sign gave his mentees quick mind, which he/she successfully uses during the whole life. You are in a constant search of fresh ideas and solutions, but you still remain down to earth and restrained. Diplomacy is a characteristic feature of yours and you know how to use it.  You can easily find common ground with any person and it helps you to find the best solution in any situation. Though, you can meet any person halfway, you will never let somebody hurt you. Women of this sign are characterized by charming outer beauty, but strong character inside. 

Friend: Storm

Foe: Rabbit

Storm (Cauac)

Storm is the nineteenth Day Sign. This sign is connected with bursts of thunder, fire and rain clouds. You have the same expressive personality as these nature phenomena. But you usually reveal your talents and personality within the family circle. If you were an actor, you would surely be the most dramatic character in the play. You resemble a hurricane, because you are ready to explode at any time. This period passes fast and changes to sunny mood, but the latter period is usually short. Another peculiarity of yours is constant depressions. As a rule, your bad mood is caused by a run of ill luck. 

Friend: Flower

Foe: Water

Flower (Ahau)

Flower is the twentieth Day Sign. It is associated with fragrance. Usually people who belong to this sign are extremely talented and versatile. They do not tend to idealize, but still are very refined and sensible people. If you belong to Flower you strive for a simple happy life and try to feel the harmony. But people around often treat you scornfully. 

Be always on your guard because you may easily lose your way. But you are able to cognize plenty of mysteries and secrets, which will never be revealed to others.

Friend: Crocodile

Foe: Dog

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