The Best Place for Living according to Your Sign

The Best Place for Living according to Your Sign

Every person dreams of a cozy house with good ecology, convenient highway junction and different social objects nearby. But people of every sign have their own preferences. Which preferences exactly? We’ll talk about this right now. We hope our recommendations will help you to choose your ideal place of living according to your Zodiac Sign.


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Aries dreams to do all the best for their children, that’s why the closeness of kindergartens and schools is important for people of this sign. The element of Aries sign is fire, so the presence of different plants and factories connected with fire and light doesn’t disturb them. Arians also need sports grounds and gyms to keep up their energy. They often prefer walking or running to lying in bed, that’s why it’s better to have a park or a garden nearby. A beautiful view out of the window is also desirable.


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Food and drinks are important for these people. Taureans are able to deny themselves expensive clothes or modern gadgets, but they need good and balanced feeding. That’s why people of this sign would be happy to have big food shops with wide choice of goods and some restaurants or cafes on the walking distance. They wouldn’t be disappointed to have plants like cannery or a chocolate factory near their place of residence. They also would be glad to see parks, gardens, trees and flowers every day. Moreover, a lot of Taureans like to have pets, so special places for walking their dogs can make them really happy.


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Gemini’s predilections are roads and stations. This person likes trips, travelings and journeys, that’s why he or she prefers to live near bus stations, railway stations, airports or highways. Sometimes they need to buy a bus or airplane ticket and go somewhere. They feel comfortable in places with logistic organizations or communication agencies not far away. Geminians are tolerant to travelers and visitors, so they have nothing against hotels or inns near their houses.


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Cancer is a water sign, so it’s ideal for Cancerians to live near a water body such as a little pond, lake, river or sea. They like silence and feel comfortable in quiet and secluded places. Cancer likes to communicate with quiet people and appreciate family values most of all. So, Cancer would be happy to live with his or her relatives in the same place. That’s why this person can willingly change a huge megalopolis to a small town or a cozy village.


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Leo is the person who likes to be in the center of attention. That’s why people of this sign need to live not far away from various places of entertainment. The closeness of theaters, museums, cinemas, clubs and restaurants can make Leos really happy. They prefer to communicate with cheerful and carefree people and this fact influences their company and, as a consequence, their place of living. Leos prefer regions with different concerts, shows, demonstrations and other activities nearby. The right choice of their living place would help them to get enough energy and to be more tolerable and frank.


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Virgo doesn’t prefer to live in luxurious places, people of this sign would rather live in quiet ones. Being real workaholics, Virgos wouldn’t be confused to live near big plants or factories. These people really like to work, so the presence of feverish activity may help them feel energetic and vigorous. They don’t like to be late, that’s why convenient highways and well-arranged public transport communication would make their lives more comfortable. These people always strive for cleanness, so it’s better for them to have a laundry or dry-cleaner’s not far from their houses.


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People of Libra sign prefer to live in respectable districts with good houses and neighborhood. They feel comfortable when living at prestigious places with developed infrastructure. It may be a luxury ward in the center of a big city or somewhere in the elite settlement out of the city. Exclusive shops, famous restaurants and private schools should be not far away from their houses. In other words, everything should have prime quality. In that case it would be easy for Librans to feel harmony everywhere.


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Scorpio likes water. But because of their activeness and tendency to everything extremal, it isn’t enough for these people just to swim in the pool. They need a natural water body to serf or dive. They like places connected with processing of something old and creation of something new, that’s why they aren’t against living near reprocessing or other factories. Scorpions also like everything fundamental and beautiful, so they would be happy to live in a historical part of the city.


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Sagittarius’ energy often needs to be realized in religion. That’s why churches, temples, cloisters, abbeys or other religious organizations should be located near the Sagittarian’s house. Even if this person doesn’t attend such places, the presence of their atmosphere would make him or her feel comfortable. They also need some political organizations placed not far away. Sagittarians like to attend demonstrations, meetings and other activities with a lot of people. Airports, railway stations and big markets also provide them with energy and help them to move forward and stay active.


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Capricorns usually tend to take care of their health. That’s why it’s better for them to live near the health establishments like hospitals, sanatoriums and other health centers. The energy of this sign is stable but not strong. As a result, Capricorns sometimes need to save efforts and restore their health. They also like places connected with stone, land works and buildings. So, the closeness of abuilding objects wouldn’t much disturb them. These people aren’t very fastidious, therefore they can easily live in multifamily houses or apartments.



People of this sign can be happy everywhere because of their plain tastes. But what Aquarians really need is a big amount of people. It isn’t a problem for them to live in crowded areas of the city or country. Their ideal place of living should be unusual and unexpected. There should be interesting architectonic objects of different styles and manners. The freedom-loving atmosphere of their district is also extremely important for Aquarians.


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Pisceans like water as well. And they would be happy to see any water body in their window. It can be a bay, a reservoir or even a little pond. Their living demands are rather moderate. So they can easily live in a small old house. They often live in their own world of dreams and prefer not to take care of their housing problems. Pisceans would like to have a park or a forest nearby in order to walk and meditate there. Actually, it would be comfortable for them to live in a small country close to nature.