Online Dating with Zodiac Signs

Online Dating with Zodiac Signs

Each Zodiac Sign has their own approach to looking for their beloved. Let’s study the ways different Zodiac signs do this dating online. 


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Aries are very impetuous people. Chatting for months is not to their liking. They need to meet the person they have been chatting with as soon as possible to get to know this person, their tastes and preferences. Do not be surprised if Aries ask you out on a date just after half an hour of communication. Both men and women of this sign show their initiative. 

A potential partner for Aries should have drive, spark to excite them. One date for Aries is enough to understand if this person is worth continuing communication. If they did not get excited during the first meeting, they will immediately disappear from your life.  


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People of this sign have a lot of doubts about everything and everybody, that is why it takes a long time to make a choice or decision for them. Unlike Aries they won’t rush the events and try to get to know a person in a chat. Sometimes even several months is not enough time for Taurus to make a decision if this person is worth meeting or not. You will guess why Taurus want to continue talking to you: because they are interested in you or they feel lonely and have nobody to talk to. 

The latter variant is unlikely to be true, because Taurus won’t waste their time on idle talk on the Internet. When people of this sign become sure that their online interlocutor is a good candidate – they will suggest meet in person. 

Taurus appreciate reliability and serious intentions in a potential partner. They do not seek for short term relationship with flippant people. 


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They easily make friends no matter in the Internet or real life. Having a chat with them you will make sure that they have a talent of winning people’s heart even through online chatting. From the very beginning they will know what and how to say to charm you and choose the topic that will capture you. Pisces won’t waste their time on chatting during months, they will try to meet you as soon as possible. But be careful meeting Gemini in person, they will say what you want to hear. But you will be mistaken thinking that all their promises will be fulfilled. Though, meeting Gemini is a kind of lottery, you will never know whether you lose or win.


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Cancer is very cautious in making friends, especially on the Internet. They are looking for a twin soul, who could calm and support. They will keep asking you a lot about feelings and emotions you have at the present moment. It does not matter if it concerns the weather or your mother’s work. Cancer will try to be on the same page with you and get to know your personality.

Cancer would like to sympathize and console even if you are doing great. But it means that they expect you to return the favor. During your first meeting they will try to penetrate into your soul and if you do not sting them, they won’t waste their time on you. 



Leo will try to make a great impression on their pen pal. They may seem too generous and big-hearted, but in reality, this egoistic Zodiac will behave pretty arrogant and deprecatingly. 

Leo men may seem a real prosperous and influential businessman, while Leo women – a famous celebrity. Do not forget that the first impression is often superficial. A typical Leo will shower you with virtual gifts and even may put some money on your cell phone. But if you forget to thank them, Leos will remind of it. To continue communicating you need to respect and estimate their personality (they will tell you how they would like to be treated). If you don’t pay special attention to their personality, Leos will look for another “friend”. 


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It is well known that Virgos are great skeptics.  Before writing a greeting message to a person, they will thoroughly study your profile picture and profile itself. After analyzing it they will draw the first conclusions about you and decide if you suit for a serious relationship. If you do not disappoint Virgo in a chat, they won’t linger your personal meeting. But during the first date they will study you even more thoroughly: your habits, clothing, manners and behavior. If Virgos agree to have the second date with you, be sure you have passed their strict selection. 


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At the beginning of their online communication Libras are very sociable, open and easily talk about different topics. Their manner of writing gives their interlocutors big hopes to meet in person: they like to shower you with compliments, use pleasant and kind words to emphasize their sympathy towards you. But they do not hurry to meet in person. They will weight all pros and cons of meeting you, evaluate your merits and weak points. They can even promise you a date next week, but then they will find an excuse to cancel it and it will keep on going in this way. Even if Libras finally ask you out on a date, it does not mean absolutely anything. Do not jump to conclusions even after the successful first date – Libras need time to think over everything. 


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Scorpio is a very suspicious and cautious person. Do not wait for a candid narrative about their life, family and views. This sign is likely to study your personality, thus expect to be asked a lot of direct questions. This tactic could shock you or make you feel perplexed, but it only means that you never talk to a Scorpio person before. If you pass this examination and still wish to keep communicating with Scorpios, they will finally ask you out on a date. Even during your meeting you will hardly understand their attitude towards you, but this mystery of theirs will attract you even more. 


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Having just a five-minutes chat with a stranger, Sagittarius know if this person is worth their attention. If they have liked you, they will act fast and soon they will ask your phone number and ask your on a date. 

If it is a Sagittarius woman, she will drop a hint about her desire to be invited on a date. For example, she may say that today she has a free evening and no plans. Both men and women are very adventurous, if you like to risk, such quick actions from Sagittarius will not scary you. Common interests, hobbies and worldviews will help you to find a common language. 


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People of this sign are pretty conservative and cautious, in addition they treat everything very seriously. They will thoroughly study all the information about a potential partner and will not speed up the events. This sign lacks emotionality, and being their pen pal partner you will keep guessing if they are interested in communicating with you. Moreover, Capricorn may make a pause chatting with you, and being their pen pal interlocutor you will be at a loss. But people of this sign need this break to consider the necessity of further communication. If you have enough patience and wait for another meeting with Capricorn you won’t be disappointed. 


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Aquarius is known by their spontaneity and unpredictability. They easily start a chat, but it will not be daily and lengthy. They usually talk a lot about their personality, preferences, hobbies and your reaction will tell them if your relationship has any future. They are mostly eager to know your worldviews and habits to figure out if you have something in common. If Aquarius start treating you as their twin flame, they will try to stay in touch with you and do not interrupt your communication. But being freedom-loving, they may fail writing to you daily. 


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​​​​​​​Being romantic and thin-skinned they are very alert making friends. Pisces do not tend to talk about themselves a lot. They need to look into their interlocutor’s eyes and hear intonation. Mind your words chatting with Pisces, because they can easily be hurt by rude words. If they treat one of your messages as a personal offense, they will never talk to you again.