Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio: when does the tough period end up?

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio: when does the tough period end up?

On the 9th of March the largest planet of the solar system became retrograde and entered Scorpio. What surprises are we to expect in the last two quarters of this controversial period?   

When Jupiter moves normally, its influence on people is very positive – it brings optimism and luck, helps to solve troublesome situations and achieve success in various areas. However, when the massive planet turns retrograde – that is moves backwards along the starry arch from the view point of an Earth observer – it may aggravate problems in financial and business spheres, make people aggressive and even unscrupulous.

Moreover, Jupiter’s retrograde movements in Scorpio make one’s financial problems only worse since Scorpio sign is closely connected with big money.

Well, the good news is this tough period will soon end on July 10, but during its last 2 quarters you should be especially reasonable and cautious.

Astrologers advise all star signs to hold off on any innovations. It’s better to focus on planning and analyzing past events that have happened to you since the beginning of the year.


Under the influence of Jupiter retrograde, Aries people are indecisive and shy. You often suffer from mood swings. However, your love of art and beauty will become especially strong and will help to solve some important problems. Sometimes, you may get tactless and aggressive towards colleagues and relatives which hurts their feelings. Try to keep negative emotions in check if you don’t want to spoil your reputation.


Taureans are affected by untypical emotions and behavior: you are absent-minded and tend to make silly mistakes. Some of your current efforts will prove to be vain and fruitless. Thus, choose your goals wisely and ponder over all decisions before you make them.  If you lose interest and motivation towards some of your beginnings, don’t get upset – perhaps, it’s only for the better.


Geminians usually become too talkative and inconsistent when Jupiter moves backwards. This may lead to troubles in personal life and at work. Shallow judgments and impulsiveness will attract misfortune, that’s why you’d better think twice or thrice before saying something. However, the biggest planet may influence you positively even being retrograde: your communicative skills are very high and you can establish contact with almost anybody.


Fortunately, Jupiter retrograde only helps you this summer: your sensitivity is reduced and, as a result, you are more successful in communication. Besides, you’ve turned more persistent and ready to achieve the goals. You have forgotten about all inferiority complexes and laziness, but it doesn’t mean you should get too self-assured: there is still a lot to be done.


Leos should pay more attention to their mood which is often bad this summer. It’s high time to start fighting your egoism: pay more attention to close people who really love you. Listen not only to your own desires but to other people’s as well. Jupiter retrograde prevents you from enjoying life, so you have to try not to fall into depression.


Virgos are hard to please when Jupiter is retrograde. Besides, you keep restraining yourself from various pleasures and even a rest. Astrologers recommend you to relax and go with the flow. Self-restraint and austerity won’t help you to reach success at work or in love life. Spend more time with good friends and cheerful optimistic people.  


As well as Virgo people, Libras should relax and enjoy life, though it isn’t an easy task during a period of Jupiter retrograde. Don’t try to control everything and everybody – this will negatively affect both your mental and physical health. Your career and personal life shouldn’t be mixed up: make a clear distinction between them, otherwise you will get lots of troubles and conflicts. 


Unlike most Zodiac signs, Scorpios are extremely lucky this summer – the ending period of Jupiter retrograde will bring them harmony and freedom. Now you are able both to have a rest and to work productively. The giant planet will share its positive energy and good mood. It’s also a perfect time to take care of your health state. 


Born under this star sign have turned too naïve and vulnerable. Pull yourself up and stop complaining! You have all the chances to reach successes and gain recognition. If you use your strong will and critical thinking, Jupiter will let you achieve all you want both in career and love. Avoid spontaneous decisions and actions. 


Capricorns would better pay attention to their personal desires and ambitions. Astrologers advise you to become more independent and light-hearted. Don’t be afraid to jump at new opportunities, get acquainted with new people and visit new places.  Remember, if you hide true emotions, you’ll never get real satisfaction both from work and personal life. 


Till the very end of this period, you should try to find compromise with co-workers and relatives. At the same time, learn to express your opinion and influence the events that happen in your life. Stop being just a passive observer – be a creator. Never forget about close people: share your happy moments with them. 


Your sensitivity and dreamy nature may play a practical joke on you when Jupiter is retrograde. Try to take your emotions under control. You should live full life and avoid grave thoughts. The biggest planet will help you to become happy, but only if you are strong-willed and optimistic.   

© Vadim Sadovski