How to convince each Zodiac Sign

How to convince each Zodiac Sign

To get on well with people, you should know how to convince them of something from time to time. You can use different methods, but Zodiac itself can do you a good turn. 

How to convince Aries?

The representatives of this sign can convince you of anything. Therefore you’d better follow their example. They act very assertively and have faith in their success. 

If you need to convince Aries of something, it is better to sacrifice a couple of rational reasons and resort to more emotional arguments. Tell them inspiring words, use the quotes of famous people, control your voice and intonation. It will help to sound more convincing. 

How to convince Taurus?

You should not hurry dealing with Taurus, especially if we are talking about any dispute. This sign is distinguished by their obstinacy. You should not change their opinion very evidently. Think of some strong reasons: the more of them you have, the more chances to succeed in convincing Taurus you get. Present your opinion as the best variant in the existing situation, which could do a favor to Taurus and their close people. This sign is closely connected with the family and put their happiness above all.  

How to convince Gemini?

You should be well aware of the thing you are going to convince Gemini of. Be ready to study a lot of reference books, Internet resources and consult a specialist in this field. In other words, you need to get well prepared grasping loads of information, analyzing it and then directing it to Gemini. The use of declamatory skills will simplify this task. 

How to convince Cancer?

If you want to convince Cancer of something, try not to be very assertive and self-confident or it may bring to naught even your well thought-out reasons. You’d better act gently and emotionally, sometimes showing that you understand why Cancer has some doubts and concerns about your point of view. If you are able to show them that you are in tune, the process of convincing will move much faster. Do not resort to different people’s opinions, use just one. If the thing you want to convince Cancer of is something that can make their life safer and more comfortable, use it as the main argument. 

How to convince Leo?

Let Leo take a decision or think that they influence the march of events. It is better to allow them to have the final word, that is why tell them from the very beginning that you are simply going to state some facts, but Leo will be in charge of the final decision. The representatives of this sign rarely agree to be guided. They may play the second fiddle, but in extreme cases. Lay emphasis on the advantage they will be able to get if they agree with your opinion. Show them new opportunities for their growth and development in society. Do not forget to emphasize that the final decision depends only upon them.

How to convince Virgo?

The representatives of this sign possess a rational and critical mind, but they try to avoid conflicts and arguments. Act gently without pressure. Refer to the authoritative sources, provide exact facts and operate with numbers. During your dialogue, you should give Virgos an opportunity to express their opinion and ask questions. Accentuate the mutual benefit, convince of the practicality of your offer. They should be sure that your suggestion won’t do any harm. So prepare the strong reasons to prove that your idea does not contain any risks.

How to convince Libra?

Forget about heated discussions, if you want to convince Libra of something. Try to show that you don’t care about the result of this argumentation. People of this sign usually take such a decision that can please both sides, so show to your Libra partner that you are ready to compromise. 

Raising your voice or getting personal will only worsen your chances to change Libra’s mind. Diplomacy and tact are your secret weapon which will help you to talk Libra over. 

How to convince Scorpio?

Before you start convincing Scorpio of something, watch their behavior and do not hurry to say all your reasons at once. Keep your strong reasons till the end of your dialogue and use them after all the other methods will have already been used. This argumentation is likely to last longer than you have expected because of Scorpio’s obstinacy. Scorpio, theoretically, might change their point of view, but you should demonstrate great skills and eloquence. The more arguments you have up your sleeve, the higher your chances to convince your interlocutor are. Be logical – at first, use your weak reasons, then stronger ones and finally your best indisputable arguments. 

How to convince Sagittarius?

Sagittarians are great speakers and they can easily use your own words against you. So, think twice before saying. Even if the subject of the argument is not very funny, be optimistic. Show all the opportunities that Sagittarius may have if he/she accepts your point of view. But do not get too excited – if a Sagittarius notices that you want to trick him/her, your dispute will be finished. 

How to convince Capricorn?

Arrange your reasons in a certain succession to change Capricorn’s opinion. The structure of your dialogue is important for this Zodiac sign. Capricorn will be confused and perplexed if you skip from one argument to another and express your thoughts in a chaotic way. 

Remember that you have more chances to convince Capricorn of your point of view using facts, logical conclusions, numbers and diagrams. If you don’t have any exact data, promise them to get some results by a certain date. In addition, your reasons should agree with Capricorn’s ideas about duty and order.

How to convince Aquarius?

If you want to convince Aquarius of your point of view, just promise that accepting it they will get new, exciting experience or adventures. Do not forget to study the subject of the dispute, read some special literature about it.  You can promise your support in case they accept your point of view. Aquarius is likely to agree with you if you describe the possible benefits. 

But do not try to manipulate or press them, it will bring your efforts to naught, because your interlocutor will stop further communication.

How to convince Pisces?

Give Pisces a detailed explanation of your plan or idea, stick to the subject and Pisces will easily accept your view point. Avoid formality and sober facts and add more emotions. It would be better if you give Pisces some time to make up their mind and don’t demand an immediate decision. Pisces pay special attention to the atmosphere of the dialogue, that is why put away your cell phone or turn down the music. 

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