How to Attract Positive Energy to One’s Home This Year

How to Attract Positive Energy to One’s Home This Year

Home is not just a place where you eat, sleep and have rest – this is a power place. That’s why we should fill it in with positive vibrations and vital energy. Here are 5 ways to do it properly this year.

Get rid of unnecessary things

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Positive energy never inhabits places full of useless things. Old furniture and clothes, dusty souvenirs and statuettes presented by you don’t quite remember who, and all other odds and ends should be removed from your house at once! Inspect all your cupboards, wardrobes, and closets, and leave only those things that you really need. Don’t even say “perhaps, I’ll need this one day”. You know perfectly well that such a day will never ever come. If you grudge throwing away some of this things, just sell them or give to the poor. In the first case, you will earn money and be able to spend it on something really important, in the second – you’ll increase your karma. By the way, the pig is a very neat animal, believe it or not, and it won’t let you attract good energy this year unless you and your home are neat too.

Find your place of power

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For example, it may be an arm-chair sitting in which you feel safe and comfortable. Put there a soft wrap and pillows, buy a cozy floor-lamp with warm light – that is, make it even cozier and more pleasant. This place will soon become an epicenter of power and vital energy in your home. 

Buy house plants

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Plants and flowers will not only enrich the air with oxygen, but will also bring a lot of good vibes to your house or apartment. Find colorful pots and a stylish flower-stand to create a cheerful and unique atmosphere.

Decorate your home with magical things 

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A beautiful dream catcheror chime bells will certainly attract good spirit and luck to your house. Even if you don’t actually believe in their magic power, they will make your home a cozier and nicer place.  However, astrologers and spirit-healers are sure that they can help to harmonize your inner self and improve family relationships.

Use candles

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Buy different kinds of candles (colored, scented, of various shapes or just classic) and light them from time to time, especially when you feel down in the mouth or worn out. The thing is the candle flame purifies the atmosphere of the room or house eliminating negative vibrations and energetic anomalies. More than that, fire gives a boost to creativity and inspiration. If you lack new ideas and enthusiasm, light a candle and meditate a bit. 

Apply to these methods and soon you will see your life getting better and more cheerful.