How different astrological signs celebrate Valentine’s day

How different astrological signs celebrate Valentine’s day

Everybody loves this day! But not all of us know how and where to celebrate it. We have a suggestion! Let’s find out how different Zodiac signs celebrate this holiday.

Let’s see what Valentine’s Day prepares for…


Most likely, you do not have enough time to notice that today is Valentine’s Day, because you are always on the jump. However, if you have enough time to celebrate it,you’ll try to turn this day into a real role game or party for your partner. Its main purpose is to excite and ignite your beloved. Creative Aries takes the initiative and prepares the program for the evening or improvise and surprise. You like to be unique and this holiday is a perfect opportunity for you to prove your originality and creativity.


You are absolutely sure that this day is meant to show your feelings. A perfect evening for you is a cosy room with great dinner and an awesome bouquet. The horoscope advises this astrological sign to use aphrodisiacs. It is another thing you are mad on. Cook oysters, use spices and herbs, and, of course, bake a chocolate dessert. Create a special romantic atmosphere with candles.


You think that this day is the celebration of both love and friendship. Let’s hope that your partner shares your idea. On this day you like to send compliments even to bachelors, old people and children. You are an aesthete and enjoy the atmosphere of good mood and benevolence. You like when this day is full of good words, smiles and gifts.

Besides, Gemini may treat this day from a psychological point of view. It is a good opportunity to study different social behavior patterns. Avoid too official meetings – they may seem too boring for you. An entertainment park or a good film will better suit your preferences. Good mood, merry laughter and communication create the priceless moments for you.


It is easy to please Cancer this day. This astrological sign treats Valentine’s day as a very romantic and tender day. It is associated with long kisses and hugs. Cancers love poetry, that is why several hand-written lines will be an ideal gift, which may cause delight and even tears. You also prefer to get such a gift in an old-fashion envelop rather than through an email. The main thing here is to have a partner who would be able to evoke these great emotions as in the good old days.


You have high standards for celebrating Valentine’s day. You are likely to wait for an evening in a chic restaurant than in an ordinary cafe. This day for you is another chance to show yourself and make a great impression on your partner and people around.

You do not want to celebrate it in a rush. You need to be presented with a lot of flowers, and a luxurious car should get you to the appointed place. By the way, it is a good reason for wearing your new smart clothes and accessories.


It is better to be alone than in a bad company is Virgo’s motto for this day. This sign is pretty indifferent to this holiday, though it may be celebrated even being single. Moreover, you think this holiday has become too commercial. For you the manifestation of your feelings is not connected with one day. You prefer do to it regularly.


This day for you is of high importance. You expect a lot of flowers, an invitation to a restaurant or a long walk. Today you behave like a dreamy princess or a passionate admirer. In any case, do not press your partner too much, maybe he\she is indifferent to this date.

As for you, you start selecting the best clothes and accessories to spend an unforgettable evening. Style will accompany great content and together it will create a perfect evening. Valentine’s Day for you is a very important event.


To surprise you, your partner will have to puzzle. Give him\her several hints. In any case, you would prefer a mysterious and slightly intimidating atmosphere. As far as your sign is very ardent and sensible, you will surely appreciate your partner’s attempts to make the evening very provocative and passionate. This holiday is not associated with romanticism, only pure passion.


Communicative and optimistic Sagittarius will be happy to get another reason for entertainment. Nothing will spoil your good mood, even if you are single.

The organization of the event is important to you, that is why, you quite often study the traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day in other countries.

Ideally, you would like to spend this day together with your partner, just having a walk or a short trip.


A typical Capricorn thinks that it is not very clever to spend money and time on this event. It is hard to persuade this sign that this day may be pretty nice. Being Capricorn you do not like showing your personal life and feelings publicly. Your love should not be proved, but treated as it is.


You like to spend this day not like everybody else does. Your attitude to this holiday is a bit careless, but you would not be against receiving a sudden invitation, for example, through social networks. Spontaneous parties are to your taste.

Besides, you consider this holiday to be more a celebration of friendship or close warm relationships than love. You prefer being in a big and joyful company on this day than tete-a-tete.


You have very romantic association with this day: a couple holding each other’s hands and looking at each other’s eyes. You are touched to tears by everything sentimental.

If your partner knows this quality of yours, he\she will surely create a special atmosphere to celebrate this holiday of love, which is so important to you. To please your sensuality and aesthetic feelings, your partner may invite you to a cosy small restaurant in a picturesque and unique location.

You may use these tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day even being single. The main thing is your good and positive mood.

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