Fortune’s Favorites: Which Zodiac Signs are the Luckiest?

Fortune’s Favorites: Which Zodiac Signs are the Luckiest?

These five of the zodiac signs are considered to be the most fortunate ones! Let’s see what they are and what they do to deserve such a favor.


Sagittarius is one of the luckiest star signs in the Zodiac thanks to its ruling planet – Jupiter. The second largest celestial body in our solar system (after the Sun) provides Sagittarians with most useful acquaintances, good and loyal friends, professional teachers. If a Sagittarius person takes part in any sort of competition, he or she will certainly get the first prize. This happy combination of fortuitous circumstances seems to be not an exception, but a rule. However, the reason for such luck is rather prosaic – Sagittarius people can set distinctive and attainable goals, besides they are self-confident and persistent while achieving them.


Pisces people are also under Jupiter’s protection, but there luck is somewhat different: they manage to avoid dangerous and highly problematic situations. In fact, their luck directly depends on their intuition. They are able to hear it and, what’s more important, to interpret correctly.
Pisces can feel when others are lying and what way of action is the most advisable. No wonder, other people often believe it is mere luck.


Lucky Taureans are under the protection of Venus. They are usually fortunate at finance and business. Taureans seem to feel the “smell” of money, can properly choose a career path and make sound investments. By the way, born under this sign are also extremely lucky in finding a spouse: their soulmate is nearly always an ideal choice who helps Taurus to reach desirable aims. Many think it’s due to luck only, but the thing is Taurus people are blessed with analytical thinking and understanding of people.


Libra’s ruling planet is gorgeous Venus as well. This heavenly body endowed Libras with incredible charm: they can easily make necessary contacts and communicate with a great number of people almost at the same time. In case of any problem, Libras resort to help of all these acquaintances who never turn their backs on such sweet representatives of the zodiac! If you think it’s mere luck again, imagine how much time Libras spend on creating and maintaining this vast network!


Sunny Leos seem strikingly lucky to some, however, they are quite fortunate thanks to their numerous talents, charisma and leadership skills. All people born under this star sign have a rare ability to make others like them and follow. Good friends as well as admirers are Leo’s main asset. As to finance, Leo people can spend money wisely, that’s why there is always an impression they have enough of it.
If you haven’t found your zodiac sign among these ones, don’t get upset – as we’ve showed to you, their good luck has a rational explanation. Just make use of the info and you’ll certainly attract capricious Fortune’s attention!