Floral Horoscope for women: learn what flower lady you are!

Floral Horoscope for women: learn what flower lady you are!

No doubt, every lady is a flower. But what flower exactly? Tender and fragile or thorny and poisonous? This depends on a day a person was born on. Read our floral horoscope to find out your blooming representation!

Spring Flowers

Poppy, March 1-10

© Zeljko Radojko

Poppy ladies are extremely charming and beautiful. However, you shouldn’t believe all they say, because they’re so mysterious and controversial. These females often don’t know what they really want and keep switching their attention from one thing to another. Monotonous and boring life is what Poppies hate most of all.

Lily, March 11-20

© Berilova Irida

Enigmatic by nature, a Lily lady is able to enchant almost anybody with a couple of throwaway remarks. Lily’s true thoughts and feelings are always a secret even for her close people. The latter try to guess what is inside a Lily’s head, which amuses her greatly.

Foxgloves, March 21-31

© Laura A. Markley

This is a highly determined and uncompromising female who would be a great leader, if she didn’t take too much responsibility for others. When she is free of this burden, a Foxgloves lady flies high at a speed of light overcoming any obstacles.

Magnolia, April 1-10

© Larysa242424

A strikingly beautiful Magnolia needs other people’s attention the same as water and air. Her behavior seems light-minded and not serious to onlookers. Her numerous love affairs only support such an idea of her. However, a Magnolia lady knows what she wants and will inevitably reach her goals.

Hydrangea, April 11-20

© krolya25

People think that a Hydrangea or Hortensia lady is a true extrovert. “Let’s have a party!” seems to be her life motto. In spite of crowds of people who surround a Hydrangea, she is rather lonely inside. However, this loneliness doesn’t bother her much – she even enjoys it. She prefers to think well of people and really suffers when somebody disappoints her.

Dahlia, April 21-30

© imamchits

When one sees a Dahlia lady for the first time, one thinks she is a woman of contradictions and a hypocritе. In fact, she is just a multifaceted person; sincere, clever and very shy inside. She needs a lot of space and time to demonstrate all her skills ant talents.

Lily-of-the-valley, May 1-10

© Jacopo ventura

This beautiful and tender lady is a professional daydreamer who prefers her inner fairy-tale world to the actual one. She likes to observe the latter from a distance, and is afraid to participate in real life. If a Lily-of-the-valley lady needs something, she waits patiently until someone comes and gets it for her. Interestingly enough, but such kind of people are always at her disposal.

Moss Rose, May 11−20

© jayeshwpatil

A Moss Rose lady is a hot-tempered pessimist who expects dirty tricks from life. That is why she is always armed and ready to fight. For the same reason, she prefers to plan all her actions in advance. Moreover, she has always a plan B or even a plan C. You may laugh at this woman and call her overcautious, but you’ll certainly envy her when she achieves everything she desires.

Chamomile, May 21−31


Childlike, naive, charming, innocent and very kind – this is all about a Chamomile lady. She is also unpunctual and absent-minded, but it only adds to her attraction. However, a lot of other contradictory and not so sweet traits are hidden inside her personality waiting for a chance to show themselves.

Summer Flowers

Bellflower, June 1−10

© Scisetti Alfio

This lady is sometimes too conservative: she hates all changes and never strives for new things and impressions. As a rule, a Bellflower woman chooses a house, a job and even a beloved once and for all. After she has chosen something, she does everything possible and impossible to bring it to perfection.

Daisy, June 11−21

© Flower_Garden

A Daisy lady is a shy fish, friendly and peaceful, who will never offend you. She possesses a gift to see good in all people even in those who behave badly towards her. Luckily, swindlers and cheaters prefer to stay away from her, because she irritates them with her serenity and kindness.

Tulip, June 22 – July 1

© Elena Pominova

Being fantastically lucky, a Tulip lady never denies herself anything and manages to avoid all blows of fate. She wants to try everything in this life, that’s why usually creates a family of her own rather late, but it’s always a happy and harmonious one. Her children live a peaceful and interesting life full of parents’ love.

Water-lily, July 2−12

© Klagyivik Viktor

A Water-lily lady is a person of easy disposition and optimistic character: she is absolutely sure that everything will be OK and never complains about misfortunes. Besides, she is too generous which tempts other people to use her kindness for their own purposes. However, a Water-lily doesn’t mind because she loves people sincerely.

Violet, July 13−23

© Olga Miltsova

This is a really harmonious personality: she has strong beliefs, but isn’t aggressive; is friendly but not naive, gifted but not too sure of herself; demanding but not pedantic. She has much to share but will never impose her viewpoint and ideas on others – an example to follow!

Dog Rose, July 24 – August 2

© IgorAleks

Stubborn, thorny, categorical and aggressive outside, vulnerable and sensible inside – such is a typical Dog Rose lady. All she strives for is freedom and peace. When she has it, she becomes tender, thoughtful and even flexible.

Sunflower, August 3 – 12

© irin-k

This is a bullet-proof flower capable of growing even through a granite slab. Although it is obviously an exaggeration, one may think so about a Sunflower lady as soon as one meets her. She will certainly find her place under the sun no matter what obstacles she has to overcome. She adores being in the limelight and needs a partner who will worship her.

Rose, August 13 – 23

© ileana_bt

A queen of flowers is sure in her uniqueness and beauty, and that others should treat her with respect and honor. We must admit, a Rose lady has many merits and talents, but she always tries to exaggerate them, thus to seem better than she really is. On the other hand, a Rose is very grateful. If you happen to help her, she will always return the favor and will never forget it.

Larkspur, August 24 – September 2

© andersphoto

A Larkspur lady is too demanding with others and forgiving with herself. She suffers sincerely when witnesses the imperfection of the world. Her own drawbacks doesn’t bother her much, though. Being talented and bright, a Larkspur lady is a lazybones: one can’t make her do anything if she doesn’t feel like to. But in case she is inspired, nobody and nothing will be able stop her.

Fall Flowers

Carnation, September 3 – 11

© shinja jang

A Carnation lady is straightforward, honest and just. She is never afraid to tell what she thinks even if she may seem harsh. The problem is a Carnation judges other people by herself and refuses to admit the fact that all people are different. Fortunately, a Carnation lady sooner or later finds a person who shares her principles and life values, thus becoming softer and more tolerant.

Aster, September 12 – 22

© Kseniia De Netto

An Aster lady is a charismatic person with a perfect sense of humor. 5-minute communication with an Aster is enough to charge you with positive energy and optimism. She shares her vigor with pleasure and never worries about trifles. She never keeps unnecessary things and throws them away when she has an opportunity. By the way, this concerns not only things, but people as well.

Heather, September 23 – October 3

© Fotografiecor.nl

This lady is not only beautiful, but smart and erudite as well. At the same time, she is too afraid to lose control over emotions and events and, thus, to break the ideal mode of life she has created. Fortunately, a Heather lady is very industrious and usually channels her energy and total control into career and self-development. So, her close people may relax and have enough freedom. If only a Heather isn’t a housewife…

Camellia, October 4 -13

© Ole Schoene

Brave heart, rich imagination, passion for adventures and incredible artistry – it is all about her, a Camellia lady. This grim cocktail could do her harm if she weren’t clever and didn’t plan her actions. People often envy her because she seems to get everything rather effortlessly. Of course, it’s not true: Camellias have to work hard to reach their goals. By the way, a Camellia’s favorite occupation is preening herself in a mirror.

Lilac, October 14 – 23

© Wonakarat

A Lilac is a light-minded lady, a fickle and unpredictable lover. She easily and quickly falls in love, but the problem is her feelings fade away also quickly. Many people think a Lilac is a childish and irresponsible creature who is interested only in parties and love affairs. In fact, she just doesn’t attach importance to problems and turmoils because she believes there is no sense in it. A Lilac is a true optimist and always hopes for the better.

Freesia, October 24 – November 2

© Erhan Inga

Any Freesia is a brilliant manipulator. Other people’s will is a kind of clay for her that she uses to sculpt what she wants. A Freesia’s instant desire is to be a winner in any sphere of her life. It is really difficult to love a Freesia lady – her true feelings are hidden behind the mask of self-assurance. To be her friend is even harder – she is convinced that her opinion is always right. But if a Freesia loves somebody sincerely, this person is the happiest on Earth: she’ll do anything for him/her.

Orchid, November 3 – 12

© Old Man Stocker

A lady with a magical thinking: she sees omens and signs in everything that surrounds her. If something bad happens, she believes that fate taught her a lesson. Interestingly, an Orchid lady makes mistakes rather seldom because she doesn’t have any idols and authorities. She does what she thinks is right being guided by her principles and common sense.

Peony, November 13 – 22

© Fusionstudio

It’s a loyal and honest friend ready to give everything she possesses to her dearest people. No wonder she has a great number of friends who really love her and value. If a Peony lady gets into trouble, the army of her friends will come to the rescue at once. Sincerity and close people’s support are two main things which help a Peopny to achieve success in life.

Gladiolus, November 23 – December 2

© fon.tepsoda

On one hand, a Gladiolus lady is hardworking, diligent and persistent. On the other hand, she uses these qualities only when someone guides her and controls. The thing is she is afraid to take initiative and doesn’t want to be responsible for a result of her actions. At the same time, she tries to learn from her own mistakes and always strives for self-improvement.

Winter Flowers

Dandelion, December 3 – 12

© Brian A Jackson

Cheerful, funny and optimistic, a Dandelion lady hates everyday monotony and tries to shake it up with jokes and extraordinary actions. But there is a problem: the consequences of such behavior may be rather unpredictable. However, a Dandelion is afraid of nothing – she prefers to sort out various problems rather than live a boring and uneventful life.

Lotus, December 13 – 22

© MI7

This noble and sincere lady lives according to strict moral principles and rules. She is incapable of any mean actions and can’t bear if somebody is cheating or lying. She prefers to be alone rather than have relations with a person who doesn’t meet her high standards. But if she falls in love with a good person she will love him tenderly and strongly.

Edelweiss, December 23 – 31

© Flatka

Freedom loving and generous, an Edelweiss lady hates routine and drab existence. Monotonous and uneventful life can bore her to death. However, she is not at all light-minded. She is clever, rational and tends towards elaborate planning. The thing is she plans her life in such a way that there is simply no place for monotony.

Gentiana, January 1 – 10

© Dennis van de Water

A Gentiana lady is an interesting blend of an altruist and introvert. This means she is kind and loves people, but prefers to do it from a distance. She is very vulnerable and never lets anybody harrow her feelings. She doesn’t need people’s gratitude even if she helps them – a Gentiana is a shy-fish and hated being in the limelight.

Thistle, January 11 – 20

© Khanov Ilnar

A hot-tempered lady is always ready to stand up for the truth and her beliefs. A Thistle is a great expert in people’s personalities and behavior. It’s enough for her to have a look at a someone once in order to understand who he/she really is. Few people can endure her mood swings and massive tantrums, that is why her ideal partner should be rather phlegmatic and thick-skinned by nature.

Strawflower, January 21 – 31

© Melissa A. Woolf

A Strawflower’s favorite occupation is to help other people if they really need it. But it doesn’t mean that a Strawflower lady can’t think of herself. She usually knows what she wants and always achieves her goals. This lady is usually fashionably-dressed and attracts everybody’s attention. Other women envy her, but a Strawflower doesn’t mind – her self-esteem is always high.

Mistletoe, February 1 – 10

© Oleksandr Rybitskiy

A Mistletoe lady can’t live without men’s attention. She needs it like a fish needs water. She hates being neglected and if a man pays attention to another pretty creature, she’ll do anything to eliminate a rival. To tell the truth, such situations are quite rare for her incredible charm leaves no chances to her competitors.

Belladonna, February 11 – 20

© footageclips

In spite of its beautiful name this plant is highly toxic. Almost the same can be said about a lady born under this flower sign: she is pretty and charming, but possesses a very difficult character. She doesn’t know what tact is and always says what she thinks right in the face.
If a Belladonna lady doesn’t like you for some reason, run away from her as fast as you can: she’ll do anything to spoil your life.

Mimosa, February 21 – 28/ 29

© Ira Budanova

A Mimosa is extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Any careless action or word may hurt her badly. She can’t stand loneliness and likes when others protect and encourage her. However, real hardships she can overcome quite easily. To make a right decision or choice is what she does brilliantly.