Evil tips from astrologists: How to part with a man after the first date

Evil tips from astrologists: How to part with a man after the first date

When you are tired of being alone, you may agree to go out on a date with the first comer. But sometimes you may regret having accepted his invitation and will have to look for a way to escape. We’ll help you out. Use your shortcomings to make him take to his heels.


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Mostly you do not like making any plans. Usually you choose the place and time for a date on the spur of the moment. You are not a fan of romanticism, the best way to spend time together is to have fun. In addition, you are assertive, risky and obstinate, especially when somebody tries to convince you of their point of view. 

So, let’s use these qualities. Your partner invited you in a chic and expensive restaurant and got dressed in his best suit? Call him at the last moment and change the place to something the opposite. 


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Taurus women like beautiful presents. So, prepare a rider! To spoil the date, criticize his choice of the restaurant he invited you to. For you it is a piece of cake, because you possess the skill of picking on everything providing strong arguments. 


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Oh, it is a cakewalk. If you have already come to a date, do not restrain yourself – start talking about the things of your own interest: the latest fashion show, new song of Rihanna, yesterday’s series of Game Of The Thrones … 

If you read these tips in a taxi on your way to the date… Are you late for the date? If the road takes another 30 minutes, just call and cancel the date. Especially, if you have noticed a classy boutique with trendy clothing.

Slow down and turn, the cabbie! 


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You like to be at the places you have been before and know that they are good. So there is no use trusting your admirer’s choice. You have a nice and comfy cafe near your house. 

Explain to your partner that you may pass on to a more serious level only after getting to know each other. And start swamping with questions: if he was brought to trial or belonged to a criminal gang. If this questioning does not scary him, start meticulously asking about his financial position, Cancers like reliability and stability. 


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You have only one shortcoming – your insatiable narcissism. Ooh, sorry, you are right, Leos have no weaknesses. You are the most wonderful Zodiac signs in the world. 

All in all, we think you got it. Want to spoil the date, pick on the lack of compliments towards your beautiful personality. You would like to get more and more of them. 


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Virgo is a very prudent Zodiac sign. You usually think of everything in advance and do not like to make a bad impression, but today you will have to for such a purpose. Just show your inner pedant. Pick on the way he dressed and styled his hair. State all your cavils in detail. Do not forget to give him a piece of advice. 



You are unlikely to fail on your first date. You know how to show your strong points and hide the disadvantages of yours. 

Let your confidence keep your company today! It is such a pleasure to know that you are a perfection. Just don’t forget to boast of your advantages and every minute remind your partner of your idealism. 


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For mysterious Scorpios it is not that easy to get rid of their admirers. Your charming personality attracts a lot of men. So, let’s use this characteristic trait of yours – you just need to exaggerate this mystery. 

Have a walk around seedy area, visit a spirit rapping or offer him to try a fugu fish. If it does not help, continue keeping your leadership position in choosing an extraordinary place for a date. Do not let him show his initiative. If he bears with such behavior of yours, it just can’t be helped, it is love. 


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You can’t play it safe. Only real hardcore. That is why, as being a person who can be easily carried away by different ideas, you need to get rid of your admirer as soon as possible unless you fall in love with him. 

Though, if it happens, you will spoil everything without the astrological advice. Your reaction on this feeling is unpredictable: you may either become too smart aleck or withdrawn mumbling all the time. This sudden change in your behavior may be accepted and treated adequately only by a man who is in love with you. 


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You are smart and down to earth. You know what you want and like to give advice. So, let’s use the latter quality of yours dealing with this man. Tell him your opinion about his way of life, clothing, salary and plans for the future. In the end you can add that he’d better change his way of thinking and offer your help in correcting his behavior. Actually, it will be the end of your date. 


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Aquarius woman can be very different every day. Today you are cute and nice, tomorrow – a hard nut to crack. This is exactly what you need to perplex your admirer. Change your mood and behavior as often as possible. One minute you may behave as a philosopher talking about the meaning of life, later start fluttering your eyelashes with innocent look and keep on exclaiming. 


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You can be described as starry-eyed and not of this world. This dreamy personality of yours enchants men. Even men do not know why they are so attracted to you. You tend to daydream, but you are also able to think of quite practical things. Don’t forget to share your ideas of your future together with your admirer. Tell him in detail how wonderful will be your life together. Ask his opinion about the choice of the place where your wedding ceremony will take place. It will be enough for him.