Do not hold back your haircut horoscope!

Do not hold back your haircut horoscope!

Why does your hairdo never work out the way you plan? Stop blindly believing your hairdresser or copying your friends’ hairdo. Take charge of your hair.

We can feel that our hairdo can influence our mood. Sometimes a new haircut helps us and makes feel better, sometimes, on the contrary, your fingers are all thumbs. Astrology advises you to choose your haircut according to your Zodiac sign. It may help not only be satisfied with your hairdo, but also feel the surge of energy.


People born under this Zodiac sign often have wavy hair. Aries is a very mighty and active sign. Your hairdo should reflect it.

Astrological advice for you:

— a short sporty haircut

© Anastasiia Kazakova

— an original image full of dynamism and movement

— curl your hair using a fixer and create light mess

Either short hair or natural waves make you look playful.


The earthy energy of this sign means natural hair color or warm golden tints. It will improve your financial position.

Astrological advice for you:

— a shoulder-length haircut that shows your neck, for example, a graduated bob

© Sergey Furtaev

— give your hair a neat and natural style

— do not abuse strong fixates

A right hairdo directs energy to strengthen your health and open new opportunities in your career.


Your love-freedom, liveliness and ingenuity should serve as inspiration for your hairdo.

Astrological advice for you:

— a light shoulder-length haircut

— get thick hair layered

© Anastasiia Kazakova

— use a foam to create an original style

— straight hair can get permed

Such hairdos make you irresistible and strengthen your inborn charm that will help making new contacts.


A perfect haircut according to your Zodiac sign is a bob whether basic or graduated. Your energy is tightly connected with genetic memory, that is why, with a right hairdo your relationship with relatives or a partner will become much better.

Astrological advice for you:

— a basic or graduated bob

© mimagephotography

— pin up your hair to make a hairdo more dramatic and glamarous

© Sofia Zhuravetc


The hairdos typical for Leos show the confidence of this sign. Even if you belong to another Zodiac sign, you can use these pieces of advice to add more energy and confidence to yourself.

Astrological advice for you:

— get your hair layered

© Anastasiia Kazakova

— you may have one length long hair and using a brush and hairdryer give it a creative style

© Kite_rin

Usually people of this sign have long thick hair as a lion’s mane.


Astrologists think that Virgos prefer to hide their natural beauty, using hair extensions. But a stylish hairdo with natural strands will emphasize your neatness and pedantry.

Astrological advice for you:

— a simple styling

— your hair should be glossy and silky

© puhhha

— add some golden tints to shoulder-length locks

Virgo’s hairdo will help to achieve success in work, study or business.


Libras prefer simple hairdos with a zest. The ideal styling is the classics.

Astrological advice for you:

— a classic hairdo, but at the same time very refined

© Subbotina Anna

— for shoulder-length hair get a graduated bob

— add salt to get your hair high-lightened

© Artmim

The classical style of Libra can help the other Zodiac signs, especially with making new contacts.


A significant feature of Scorpio Women is thick hair. A good decision for Scorpio that will add power is the style of a woman-vamp.

Astrological advice for you:

— a haircut which lets you give a lot of different variants of styling

— feel free to dye your hair in bright colors

© YuriyZhuravov

— a short haircut will bring more fire into your life

© StockLite


Your significant traits are indomitable love-freedom and dynamism. Use your haircut horoscope to show it in your hairdo.

Astrological advice for you:

— a light graduated haircut for shoulder-length hair

— straight hair can be curled

© Diana Indiana

Sagittarius will feel confident and comfortable with long hair as well as with a short haircut.

“Sagittarius” hairdos will bring confidence and help to achieve success in your business sphere.


People born under this sign often choose restrained hairdos. Though, being young, you can easily do a creative hair-mess.

Astrological advice for you:

— a shoulder-length haircut with a fringe

© Lia Koltyrina

— a styling that can be made in a few minutes

— cover your long hair to concentrate your energy on your career

“Capricorn” hairdos will strengthen your financial position.


People belonging to this Zodiac sign are trendsetters. They start using new ideas before they become real trends.

Astrological advice for you:

— make an original and creative haircut

© VAndreas

— dye your hair in bright and unusual colors

— use extravagant accessories for hair

The typical “Aquarius” styling will help you achieve success in any sphere and establish good relationship with people.


Pisces are very romantic ans sensitive. Their sign symbolizes harmony and peace, so modest hairdo is a good decision.

Astrological advice for you:

— a bob

© popcorner

— do your long hair in a braid

— both long hair and short haircuts suit you well

“Pisces” hairdos are good for those who want to establish good connection with cosmos and reach inner harmony.

Use your haircut horoscope’s advice and go to your hairdresser!