Check whether your friends deserve you?

Check whether your friends deserve you?

Friend is a person who lets us have a rest from work or ready to speak about the most exciting things. Friends help us to recreate and to save energy for various important tasks. They always support and respect us and our opinion, they are always sincere and honest with us. There are no self-interest or egoism in real friendship. There are also no obligations or mercantilism. But there are only confidence and comfort.

Your friends are your fortune. So, take care of your friends, spend time with them and accept their personality. Our astrological recommendations will help you to understand your friends better.


Arian is a true friend but a very stubborn person. His or her favorite phrase is “I know what to do”. And if you act without asking his or her advice, he or she may feel hurt. Arians rarely betray their friends and often devote all their energy to the friendship.


Taurean doesn’t often want to listen to other people’s troubles, although he or she is always able to understand them. Taurean is a sensitive and vulnerable person. He or she can find a practical answer to any question and help you with any financial difficulty, but get ready to give the same help back.


Sometimes it’s difficult to bear Geminians’ communication needs because they are able to chat all day long without any rest. But unfortunately, Geminians are always interested in their own problems and, being good friends, they are not devoted enough.


Cancerian is a family person, so he or she has not so many friends out of the family. But Cancerian has two or three true friends and is always ready not only to communicate but also help them with any trouble. Cancerians may participate in solving domestic or psychological problems, but they don’t like to lend money.


Leo is a brave and courageous friend, but he or she hates boredom in life and relations. Leo’s friendship becomes stronger in dangerous or crazy situations. Leos like to be strong and significant, but at the same time, they often need to be estimated and praised for their merits.


Virgo is able to help you with any domestic trouble, providing you with the most valuable advice. He or she knows a lot about methods of cooking, repairing or fixing, so may solve any problem for you. But sometimes Virgo becomes nervous, and it’s your turn to help your friend in such periods of life.


Librans are very friendly people, who are always ready for a cup of tea or sincere talk with their friends. They don’t like long conversations about domestic problems, they prefer to talk about something positive, and such talks really help to look at the situation from a different angle. Librans are generous, open-handed people and true friends.


Scorpions are able to listen to any problem, they have no taboo subjects. But sometimes they start blaming your enemies instead of supporting you. Scorpions are strong people, but they have not so many close friends. Scorpions are honest in relations and are waiting for the same from their friends.


Sagittarians are people with a wide circle of acquaintance. But they are periodic friends – sometimes they are on a call, sometimes they aren’t. Actually, it doesn’t mean that they lose interest in their friends, they simply need to change the atmosphere. Such people are unreliable friends, although the time spending with them is always unforgettable.


Capricorns usually make several friends in early youth and hold them the whole life. These people don’t blame others, that’s why their friends like them for their sincerity and stability. Capricorns give only well-considered advice but may feel hurt if others don’t listen. They may lend money, but always control the debts to be paid.


Aquarian is a sincere friend, but there are a lot of situation when a friend needs their help while Aquarian is busy with something else. This person is often blamed for carelessness and selfishness in relations. Actually, Aquarians are devoted, but their life is too active, that’s why they are often far away. Just enjoy the communication with them and don’t demand a lot.


Pisceans are ready to help with the most difficult psychological situations. They are good psychologists who could solve any problem and to cheer you up. But they need the same – conversations, support and sincerity. Pisceans aren’t able to deal with some practical problems and are often looking for their friends’ help in such situations.

© Dean Drobot