Celtic Tree Astrology. Your Druid Sign

Celtic Tree Astrology. Your Druid Sign

Druids are Celtic priests who worshiped nature. According to their beliefs, trees possessed special power and a human allegedly came from the tree. Depending on your birth date, you have your own tree which serves you as a patron and gives vital energy. Each plant has its soul and infinite wisdom and energy.

The famous Druid Horoscope had a certain structure. The year was divided into several periods. Each period had its own tree sign. Celtic Tree Astrology not only defines the human destiny, but helps a person to know his/her personality better. Knowing this you will be able to control your life and correct it if necessary. 

If you get into a difficult situation or have hard times, go to the country, find your tree, lean against its trunk and feel how its vital energy passes onto you. Stand for a while in this position until you feel release and peace. Then thank the tree and tell it several kind words. The more often you repeat this ritual, the faster you see the positive changes in your life. If you plant your tree-patron near your house, happiness will soon knock on your door. 


Birch  – The Achiever (December, 24 – January, 20)

© Amy Johansson

People who were born under the Birch Sign are divided into two groups. The character of people born in the first half of the month is defined by the new moon, the character of people born in the second half of the month is determined by the full moon.
The people of the new moon are impulsive and emotional, but at the same time tend to subjectivity and introversion. The strong point of your character is resolution and faith in your own strength. Therefore these people show more persistence in reaching their aims. 

The people of the full moon know exactly what they want, though they tend to objectivity and extroversion. But, you have a disadvantage – you do not take into account the reality, thus you may treat some situations in the wrong way. 
The druids believed that a birch can grow very high, that is why, people of the Birch Sign have a big potential. However, you need to be more persistent to overcome any difficulties that appear on your way. 


Rowan – Thinker (January, 21 – February, 17)

© LianeM

If you belong to the Rowan Sign, you have the ability to foresee and distinct humanistic principles. However, you are too withdrawn and your predictions often do not reach the rest of humankind. You possess enough passion to prove your righteousness to ignorant people, but this passion hides inside of you under your cool behavior. If you were born during the first two weeks of this period, you are the person of the new moon. You lack patience and may expect a lot of disappointments on your way to prove your position. Though, in your personal life you are very reserved. 

Being a person of the full moon (born in the second half of the month) you are more emotional and tend to promise much more that you can do in reality.
At that you may inspire and influence other people: unite together to defend human’s rights.


Ash – The Enchanter (February, 18 – March, 17)

© Dimitrina Lavchieva

If you belong to the Ash Zodiac, your character is pretty ambivalent, that is why it is very hard to identify your true nature and motives. You have an artistic personality, that is why you look sensitive and vulnerable, you may unexpectedly change your tactics and become very pragmatic. During your whole life you are guided by the feeling of compassion. 

If you are a person of the new moon, you are more ambitious and impulsive in your relationships with other people, but you are set against being used by them. That is why you are always on your guard, but at the same time spontaneity is a typical feature of yours.
Being a person of the full moon you are characterized by generosity and openness. Sometimes these qualities make you naive and gullible. If one thinks he/she may easily hurt or trick you, they are mistaken, because your naivety is only an outer weakness.


Alder – The Trailblazer (March, 18 – April, 14)

© Lasse Hendriks

The Alder Zodiac people are the strongest who are ready to take their own way. This way is not the easiest one, but you are brave enough to handle all obstacles. You are a reliable ally, but still prefer to defend your own interests. Your restless spirit may lead you far away.
If you are a person of the new moon, you are the most indecisive and fidgety people among the Alder people. Though, your courage and honesty are in no doubt, you’d better think twice of your behavior and consider the possible consequences of your actions.
Being a person of the full moon you have a talent for convincing people. You may be characterized by self-confidence, but you lack vital energy. However, if during the time of stress you will be at proper time and at proper place, you will be able to achieve great success.

Willow – The Observer (April, 15 – May, 12)

© RSOrton Photography

You are very mysterious and hard to be fully understood. Your strongest points are stubbornness and insight. It helps you to use your brain to the full extent. 

If you are a person of the new moon, you tend to change your mood very rapidly and it says about your inconstant character. Experiencing a lot of mood swings of your inner world, you easily adapt to the changes of the outer one. Moreover, you know how to use a new opportunity to the benefit.
Being the full moon representative you tend to be indifferent towards others’ opinion. You do not listen to somebody’s advice, though your arguments are not very convincing. Your good qualities are ingenuity and good memory.

Hawthorn – The Illusionist (May, 13 – June, 9)

© Gl0ck

You are full of brilliant ideas. People who belong to the Hawthorn Zodiac have plenty of talents and easily adapt to new changes. Your strength is in the knowledge of your enemy’s weaknesses. You are a good strategist, but not merciless at all. Being born in the first half of the lunar month you are distinguished by short-temper and sensitivity. If you have made a decision you are ready to use all your strong points to put it into practice.
People who were born in the second half of the lunar month can be characterized as people with an absolutely new approach to life. As your world vision differs from others’ one, you are able to open the doors which, as a rule, are closed. Such a way of life makes you a freedom-loving person, who does not like any limitations.

Oak – The Stabilizer  (June, 10 – July, 7)

© UBC Stock

If you were born in the first half of the month you tend to take big risks and give the promises which can be hardly fulfilled. Your strong points are your inborn leadership traits and the ability not to fall for vises such as greed and avarice. People of both the new and full moon tend to self-sacrifice, but those who belong to the full moon tend less to risk their money. If you are a person of the new moon you like being in the center of attention and look for glory.

Holly – The Ruler (July, 8 – August, 4)

© Neil Lang

You do not like to risk unless you weight all pros and cons. You are extremely down to earth and practical. But your logic and objectivity help you to solve the most difficult questions at once. 

Being born in the first half of the month you are connected with the new moon and tend to financially support dreams and ambitious plans of other people. It shows your unselfish and careful nature, which, however, has its shortcoming – thoughtless optimism, which may do harm to some people.
People of the full moon have a bigger concern about their own dreams and plans. You are often a member of a big corporation or another huge company. But your main shortcoming, which is your hypersensitivity to criticism, may spoil your career if you don’t learn how to get rid of it.


Hazel – The Knower (August, 5 – September, 1) 

 @Marek Mierzejewski

People whose tree is Hazel are smart, quick witted and sensitive. These qualities make you great writers and debaters. You are good at planning and organizing things: you are able to envisage everything down to every last detail. You have a necessity for gaining knowledge and it makes you a good scientist or a specialist in different fields. 

If you were born in the first half of the month you desperately strive for gaining new experience and knowledge, though you are also very curious and this trait of yours may lead to your desire to poke your nose into other people’s affairs. 
The typical qualities of people born in the second half of the month are openness and vital energy. You want to gain social recognition and to get an opportunity to educate other people. Your strong points are honesty and fidelity to principles, but try not to be so critical.


Vine – The Equalizer (September, 2 – September, 29) 

© Andy Dean Photography

If your tree is Vine, you have a sensible and very emotional personality, though in hard times you are able to keep cool head. You have good organizational skills and can immediately react to unforeseen consequences. If you are a person of the new moon, your strong point is your inborn enthusiasm and readiness to help. Your weak points are the lack of balance, the inability to bear certain aspects of life. 

If you belong to people of the full moon, you have a very contradictory personality. On the one hand, you have the ability to forgive people and create harmony, on the other hand, you may use other people’s good attitude towards you and start freeloading.


Ivy – The Survivor (September, 30 – October, 27) 

© Andrzej Wilusz

The main characteristic features of Ivy are limitation, resistance, euphoria and resolution. People whose tree is Ivy are distinguished by excellent stamina and plenty of talents, which may bring them titles, rewards and social recognition.
People born under the energy of the Ivy tree usually become famous persons with their own unique style. 

But they tend to show irresolution, so they may expect great victories together with big failures. 

Reed – The Inquisitor (October, 28 – November, 24)

© Pavel Vaschenkov

If your tree is Reed, you have some common features with people of the Ivy tree. You exert a great influence on people too, but the difference is that you have bigger will-power, but you do not tend to compromise, because your way of life excludes any demonstration of weaknesses or irresolution. You prefer to change the accepted order of things rather than fight for the leadership positions in the existing system. You would like to change the whole life, not separate spheres of it. 

If you were born in the first half of the month you have mighty friends and powerful enemies. Nevertheless, you will keep your status and gain great respect, especially from your rivals.
People of the full moon thoroughly plan their actions and get social recognition, but they tend to switch from one task to another and it might weaken their purposefulness. In general, the people of Reed are great fighters and they prefer to struggle with enemies rather than get help from their friends.


Elder – The Seeker (November, 25 – December, 23)

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If your tree is Elder, the development of your personality is going on gradually. You are ruled by restlessness and insatiable curiosity. Therefore you tend to gain a lot of knowledge and travel with the purpose of broadening your scope.
If you were born in the first half of the month, you can be characterized as a very frank and impetuous person. However, you are a great speaker and fighter with injustice. 

If you were born in the second half of the month, you have good prognostic abilities, but you prefer to act in the background and avoid any conflicts.