Best Zodiac pair for you is … Surely, you will be surprised

Best Zodiac pair for you is … Surely, you will be surprised

All horoscopes describe signs compatibility, but, unfortunately, most of them give particular cases of some Zodiac pairs and neglect the general principals for everybody. However, these principals are very logical and simple. If you understand them, you will easily figure out who and why is your best match.

According to the classical astrology, the Zodiac signs are compatible if they do not contradict two main rules:

— the signs belong to the same evenness
— the signs are not the same

So, the conclusion from the first rule is the signs must belong to the same element or different, but supplementing each other. As we know, there are four elements. They are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Within the element all the signs are matching. Besides, all Zodiac sign pairs within two groups – Fire-Air and Earth-Water – are compatible.

Let’s take the signs with their elements and study them thorougly.

— Aries (Fire)
— Taurus (Earth)
— Gemini (Air)
— Cancer (Water)
— Leo (Fire)
— Virgo (Earth)
— Libra (Earth)
— Scorpio (Water)
— Sagittarius (Fire)
— Capricorn (Earth)
— Aquarius (Air)
— Pisces (Water)

The signs of the Fire and Air elements are uneven and the signs of the Earth and Water elements are even. Hence, the signs compatibility both inside the element and inside each two groups is very natural.

Air helps Fire flame up brighter and Water makes Earth more fertile. The compatible signs of the Fire and Air elements are: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The compatible signs of the Earth and Water elements: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The sign pairs of different evenness (Water-Fire, Water-Air, Earth-Fire, Earth-Air) – do not make a positive union. Even, nature shows that these groups of elements contradict each other.

Moreover, there are several characteristic features that influence Zodiac pairing.

7 types of Zodiac signs matching

One can learn a more detailed description of Zodiac pairs compatibility according to their position about each other in the Zodiac circle, both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Let’s find out how it works by the example of the first sign – Aries.

© fizkes

Position: +1 and -1 from your sign

Type: Best friend and best enemy – incompatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Taurus(2), Aries(1) – Pisces(12)

Description: the most popular Zodiac pair among the others. Easily make friends, but the conflict of the elements does not let them build a serious relationship. Frequent problems: envy, rivalry, different interests and aims.

© Oscar Carrascosa Martinez

Position: +2 and -2 from your sign

Type: Elder brother and younger brother – compatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Gemini(3), Aries(1) – Aquarius(11)

Description: the important thing here for both is to understand your role: “Elder brother” is usually older, more experienced and wiser.

© MilanMarkovic78

Position: +3 and -3 from your sign

Type: Protector and adviser – incompatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Cancer(4), Aries(1) – Capricorn(10)

Description: if they want, they may find common ground. Unfortunately, only in a business sphere. It is better to have a common business than a house.

© doodko

Position: +4 and -4 from your sign

Type: A child and a parent\ A student and a teacher – compatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Leo(5), Aries(1) – Capricorn(9)

Description: “Parent” needs to be wiser, more patient, “child” needs to be less capricious and self-willed.

© Alejandro J. de Parga

Position: +5 and -5 from your sign

Type: A tempter and a victim- incompatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Virgo(6), Aries(1) – Scorpio

Description: they are like a couple from a famous love novel. In the beginning – a lot of emotions, at the end – boredom and tiredness.

© Helen Sushitskaya

Position: +6 and -6 from your sign

Type: Extremes meet – compatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Libra(7)

Description: this kind of relationship suits for wise and more experienced people who can realize their potential.

© Di Studio

Position: the same sign

Type: Me and my mirror – incompatibility

Examples: Aries(1) – Aries(1)

Description: there is nothing easier than make a couple with a person like you, but there is nothing more irritating than watching your own shortcomings.

These simple rules will help you to find the best Zodiac pair for you!