Best tips how to outdo Carrie Bradshaw

Best tips how to outdo Carrie Bradshaw

Shopping habits, goods selection and time for buying things – all these factors exactly characterize our Zodiac sign. Astrologists made special shopping horoscope, which shows the shopping behavior of each sign, illustrates main problems while buying goods and provides people of each sign with useful tips for successful shopping.

All Zodiac Signs may be divided in two big groups: real shopaholics and those who are quite indifferent to shopping.

Real shopaholics

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Impulsive Arians are susceptible to advertisement. They would obviously buy things that seem fashionable and attractive to them. And only after they can think about its usefulness and necessity. They often present friends and relatives with some useless goods, but they mostly put things into the wardrobe with another “useful” ones.

Shopping tip: Don’t shop spontaneously. Make a buying list and try to follow it in order to save yourself from great expense.


These people like everything beautiful and magnificent. But life isn’t fair – the most beautiful things are always rare and expensive. And sometimes Taureans have to make a choice between buying some luxurious perfume or coming home in tears. Both variants are sorrowful.

Shopping tip: The alternative is to visit a museum regularly and to find a positive esthetic pleasure in the beautiful things contemplation. But sometimes you should afford to attend annual sales and discount shops as well.


Geminians are real shopaholics. Shopping for them is a vital necessity. They always want everything at once, so often use loans for shopping purposes. They are used to indulging themselves and often ignore debts. But sooner or later it can cause real financial difficulties.

Shopping tip: You should be more rational and try to plan your expenses in a month’s time. Moreover, it’s better for you to do shopping with a thrifty friend of Virgo or Capricorn sign.


People of Leo sign have one weak point. They can not refuse their desires at all. Actually, Leos don’t waste money, because they often don’t really like anything. But if they do, nobody can stop them. In that case, their wardrobe is usually full of unnecessary clothes.

Shopping tip: You should truly realize your means and start to save money for really important and valuable things.


Scorpio is a true “professional shopper”. These people always have enough time and a lot of patience to find appropriate goods. They are ready to visit all shops in the city, search through the Internet and ring round every store. And they really enjoy this process. Shopping may help them to cheer up and to avoid stresses. But they have big risks to become a shopaholic.

Shopping tip: Try to spend your free time outside the shops, and talk to friends and relatives instead of shop assistants.


Sagittarians like to live in grand style. These people are crazy about famous brands and expensive trend marks. They believe, that designer jeans are much more better than ordinary store’s trousers. That’s why they are often out of money after such kind of shopping.

Shopping tip: You don’t want to become a beggar, do you? So, get rid of snobbery!

Don’t feel like shopping

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Perhaps, Virgo is the most rational sign of Zodiac Horoscope. Talking about shopping, these people are even too reasonable. They don’t let themselves buy something just for pleasure. They are convinced, that there are a lot of things more important than shopping. That’s why they always save money for house, the car, education, repairs and other useful points.

Shopping tip: Sometimes you should find pleasure in buying nice and useless things like new perfume, beautiful stockings or funny sleepers. Just believe, it can really make you feel delightful!


Every time Librans go shopping they are full of uncertainty. On the one hand, they want to buy this blue jacket and knitted scarf, but they never know exactly whether they really need all these things. And while they hesitate, other quick buyers take the last size. The result is Libran’s bad mood.

Shopping tip: You should attend shops with determined friends and enjoy successful shopping. And the ability to return things back to the shops can make you feel more confident.


As for Capricorns, shopping for them isn’t a pleasure, but a hard work, which is need to be done. They hate big shops and crowd, these make them feel annoyed. Only low prices and sales can make them attend a shopping center. They would easily part with their money if it’s really necessary. In brief, they are accurate and thrifty.

Shopping tip: At shopping questions you are right in most cases. But still, many people like shopping. Why don’t you try to enjoy this process?


Cancerians often prefer to be sellers rather than buyers. Being good psychologists, they are able to sell everything. At the same time, they are accurate and leisurely buyers. But sometimes their family’s concern may cause damage for them, because they aren’t able to stand up against sales and discounts and buy unnecessary goods.

Shopping tip: Try to resist temptation of buying something useless and ignore promotional provocation. After all, you know it by yourself.


Pisceans are real hostages of their own mood. When they are happy, they are able to spend all their money on something unnecessary like aromatic candles or just another cool teacup. It’s not surprising that their shelves are full of such useless trifles. But being upset, they may pass by the most desirable thing.

Shopping tips: The rule is quite easy – buy when the price is affordable. And one more tip: don’t throw out bills – you are always able to give some useless goods back.

There is one sign which stands apart from all the other ones.

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Aquarians are great fans of shopping via the Internet. But unfortunately, they often are victims of different kinds of swindlers, who offer them to invest money in the mythical business, buy low-quality goods or pay for non-existent companies’ services.

Shopping tips: There is only one way to avoid such a trap. You should leave the virtual world, go shopping and choose everything you want in real shop using real money. Actually, it has a lot of advantages – live communication and the ability to see goods with your own eyes.