Are you sure your Zodiac sign lets you drink alcohol?

Are you sure your Zodiac sign lets you drink alcohol?

Astrologers are convinced that stars influence not only our fortune, but also our habits, tastes and preferences, including alcoholic ones. This article will help you to learn how tipsy Zodiac Signs behave, which of them can drink until the morning and who should stop in time.


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Most Arians have some problems with alcohol. They need to do something crazy even after a glass or another. And after that calm and quiet Arian turns into an aggressive person without any rules and limitations. Sometimes it may lead to different troubles. That’s why Arians should strictly control the amount of alcohol to avoid such problems. They should also prefer soft drinks like dry wine or champagne instead of strong spirits. And forget about drinks mixing!


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Taureans are constant in their preferences. They don’t like to change behavior, even alcoholic. At restaurants and shops they always order or buy the same – the most expensive and famous brands of wine or brandy. You rarely see Taureans dead drunk, because they aren’t interested in getting drunk. But they enjoy the process of drinking – taste, smell and beauty of rare and expensive beverage with a good company.


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Geminians aren’t able to give up one more glass in a good company. It’s normal for them to keep up the merriment even if they don’t like alcohol at all. The consequences are sad – the next day Geminians hardly wake up and suffer from headache all day long. The conclusion is to refrain from alcohol drinks wherever possible. And even in a good company one glass of wine would be enough.


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Most of Cancerians don’t refuse to drink a glass of brandy. And then one more and one more… Just to kill the bottle. Drunk Cancerians are sad, miserable, piteous and pathetic. Their alcohol addiction is more dangerous comparing with the other signs. We advise Cancerians to be careful with alcohol, because it’s extremely difficult for them to get out of the habit of drinking.


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Nobody looks so silly and ridiculous like drunk Leo. Even being sober, people of this sign always try to demonstrate their significance and superiority. But half tipsy Leos become pompous bullies which praise only themselves. The results of such behavior are ruined reputation and heart diseases. So, each Leo should be careful, because heart is his weak point.


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Virgos don’t mind knocking back a glass or two. The problem is that they often relieve stress or avoid nervous tension with the help of alcohol. While other Zodiac Signs prefer to relax in the company of friends, Virgos don’t need anyone to have fun. They think that parties and feasts are waste of time. They don’t often attend restaurants, banquets and other receptions. They prefer not to waste money for the big company, but to drink alone.


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Librans have a good taste, but they are rather pessimistic, especially when they have too much. But the little amount of brandy or liqueur may be good for them. Librans like to taste something new like Chilean, New Zealand or South African wines. Sometimes the simple wine-testing may result into a hobby, and interested Librans are ready to go to the other countries to learn more about the beverage production on the spot. It’s a good interest, but pay attention to your health!


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People of this sign are passionate and emotional inside but calm and coolly outside. And sometimes Scorpions need a glass or two just to relax and get rid of some negative emotions. Tipsy Scorpion is the sweetest person all over the world. He or she forgets about pride and arrogance and starts joking, laughing and adoring everyone. But Scorpions become uncontrollable when really drunk. They don’t control their emotions and actions which may ruin their reputation. That’s why Scorpions should always remember about the measure.


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Sagittarians are the life and soul of any party, so they always drink with pleasure. They know a lot about wine and champagne but prefer to drink something stiffer. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to stop and often drink to their sick. Drunk Sagittarians start to do some crazy things. The most dangerous situation here is drunk Sagittarian at the wheel. These people drive at a breakneck speed. Such experiments are without the law.


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Reserved and shy Capricorns like alcohol because it helps them to get free and relax. Well, a glass or two don’t do any harm. The main thing here is not to turn this glass into a daily habit. Unfortunately, Capricorns often use alcohol drinks to overcome their diffidence which disturbs them a lot. And they unconsciously become alcoholics in such a way. The solution is to control the amount of alcohol.


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Sensitive and creative Aquarians use alcohol instead of antidepressant just to relax and ease tension. But it’s very important not to increase the doze in order to avoid intense pain. Because alcohol for Aquarians is a double-edged weapon. On the one hand, it’s able to calm their nervous system, but on the other, it may cause panic, anxiety or unreasonable fear. So, people of this sign should be careful with the whiskey, tequila and other strong drinks.


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People of this sign are addicted to the alcohol more than other signs. They are able to drink any amount of anything without thinking about consequences. They are aware of such weakness but can’t deal with it. Actually, the most part of alcoholics are people of Pisces sign. Of course, not all of the Pisceans become drunkards, but they are inclined to become ones. So, the only way out for them is drinking low-alcohol cocktails, dry wines or even alcohol-free beer.