Are you sure 13 is an unlucky number? What Zodiac sign disagrees with you

Are you sure 13 is an unlucky number? What Zodiac sign disagrees with you

How the 13th Zodiac sign can change your birth dates? Check whether you match the Serpent Bearer or maybe you are Ophiuchus yourself.

Let’s study this Zodiac more profoundly.

The dates of this Zodiac sign occur between 29 of November and 17 of December. It means that Ophiuchus is situated between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is not clearly stated which element 13 Zodiac sign – Ophiuchus – belongs to. On one hand, this sign is very dynamic and active and it points to the Fire element. On the other hand, a snake is closer to water, that is why the Snake Bearer may belong to the Water element. This sign has two ruling planets: Jupiter and Chiron. Ophiuchus personality is very contradictory. Let’s study its best and worst traits.

Best traits:

— kindness
— aspiration for knowledge
— dreaminess
— optimism
— purposefulness

People born under this sign realize their talents in creative professions. They become actors, musicians, architects and composers. They have a good sense of humor and high level of intellect. They prefer to wear bright colors. This Zodiac sign never stops achieving their purpose, people of this sign continue developing and set new goals.

Worst traits:

— jealousy
— laziness
— irresponsibility
— incontinence

They represent a welter of different personal traits. They can hurt somebody’s feelings or easily grow cool towards a partner. Men and women have a great energy potential and incredible sensuality.

Ophiuchus’ compatibilit

The compatibility of this sign with the other ones is doubtful. Usually such people are freedom-loving and do not stay too long in one place. However, they dream about finding their beloved and having a family.

Let’s find out the sign which can fulfill Ophiuchus’ dream.

Aries: this relationship may start from friendship or business cooperation. Despite their desire, these signs attract each other. Their life together can be very bright. The reason for it is their common striving for leadership in the society. They, unconsciously, unite their efforts.

Taurus: these two signs are two opposites. The beginning of their relationship can be bright and passionate, but they do not  matched well.

Gemini: at first sight, their compatibility seems impossible. Though, if partners find common ground, they may live together to a very old age. The difference in their worldviews might cause serious quarrels, but they are able to reconcile and confess their love to each other again.

Cancer: they are likely to feel strong physical attraction, but getting to know each other, they will understand whether this relationship is worth to be continued or not.

Leo: this union has good psychological compatibility. Both signs strive for success, this aspiration can easily unite the couple.

Virgo: this relationship has all chances to be successful. These two signs have common interests. Though, it will not be easy for the Serpent Bearer to accept another opinion.

Libra: this is an ideal couple. Both partners always understand each other and support.

Scorpio: their relationship seems impossible, but, in fact, these signs almost always build a happy relationship. Any question is settled by joint efforts. Nonetheless, each of them has a bigger authority in each particular sphere of life.

Ophiuchus: this relationship will be ideal from the very beginning. Both partners understand each other perfectly.

Sagittarius: it is a good union. Their life together won’t be boring. Passion and anger will follow each other.

Capricorn: this union has few chances to be successful. They might start from a romantic relationship, but, with time, they will recognize that they do not suit each other.

Aquarius: this couple can live together to a very old age. They both have a weakness for everything mysterious and unusual.

Pisces: their relationship will be dull as ditch-water. The 13th sign will be able to do everything they wish, Pisces in their return will calmly and patiently watch this course of events.