An ideal age for getting married according to your Zodiac sign

An ideal age for getting married according to your Zodiac sign

Some people get their own family at an early age, others prefer to avoid marriage as long as possible. What do the stars tell us about it? Is there a perfect age for each star sign when one should marry and, thus, be happy till the end of the days?


Aries people can’t wait at all, that’s why they make an important decision fast and impulsively. They often get married at an early age, in 4-6 months after the acquaintance. There is nothing strange that such marriages are doomed to failure. Aries should better walk down the aisle when they are already mature and experienced enough to choose the right person.

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The representatives of this star sign believe in everlasting and pure love. That’s why they often suffer in early and unhappy marriages: Taureans just can’t accept they’ve made a wrong choice and now have to divorce. The solution is the following – before getting married, they should change a lot of partners to find the one and only. It’s always a bad idea to marry a person whom you know not long enough, especially if this person is reluctant to marry you. The best age for Taurus sign is 30-32 years old. 

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Geminians hate routine and boredom. Should their relationships resemble Groundhog Day, they try to escape as fast as they can! This is the reason why Gemini people usually marry more than once or don’t have serious relationships till the age of 36-40. Calm and harmonious family life is possible only when Geminians finally grow up and settle down. As a rule, this happens after the age of 35. 

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It won’s be an exaggeration to say that Cancer people dream of a happy marriage from the very childhood. Traditional family values matter a lot to Cancers, and even if they marry quite early, their marriage is usually strong and long-term. However, sometimes people of this sign can’t find the right person and leave their parents’ house. In this case astrologers advise to start living independently as soon as possible: for example, to rent an apartment and find a good job to earn one’s living. The best age to get married for Cancers is 23-25 years old. 

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Leo easily gets married if a partner loves him/her much and praises to the skies. Interestingly enough, but being a wild and passionate lover, Leo usually appears a faithful and trustworthy spouse who is determined to spend whole life with a beloved person. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find someone who meets all Leo’s standards and worships him or her at the same time. That’s why Leos often marry only after 40-42. 

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These people are interested in career and self-development more than in personal life. Thus, they will marry only a person who won’t get in their way and will help them to reach the goals. Virgo’s partner has to agree to all requirements and, perhaps, to even sign a marriage contract. Interestingly, Virgos often meet a person who agrees with all that at a relatively young age – before 30 years old.

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Libras prefer to marry young even if they aren’t sure in their partner’s feelings as well as in their own. This serves as a reason for so many divorces among Libras. People of this Zodiac sign, who got married at 19-20, are destined for a painful and difficult divorce. As a rule, only Libra’s second or even third marriage can become cloudless and happy.

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Representatives of this start sign adore extreme emotions and experiments. They plunge into passion and relationships, but soon get bored and lose any interest towards their partner. As a result, they get married and then divorced quite frequently. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to change Scorpios’ nature and temperament, so their partners will have to put up with it and regard these relationships with as an extremely bright but fleeting adventure. 

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Sagittarians like freedom and are almost unable to compromise even for the sake of their beloved. Besides, they tend to put all important things on the back burner, including marriage and children. Sagittarius-Women often marry only after 35-37, while Sagittarius-Men – even later. There may be exceptions, though, if a Sagittarius meets a good person who shares all his/her aims and interests.

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Capricorn people marry and have children early – before the age of 25-27. This star sign is very responsible, rational and prefers to plan his/her life several years in advance. Having achieved their aim to have a family and children, Capricorns plunge into work and career. A family for any Capricorns is a fundamental thing which serves as support and protection in all their beginnings. However, there are particular Capricorns who prefer to start developing their career or business right after school or university. Such people will marry after 40 at the earliest.

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Aquarians value freedom more than anything in the world and some of them even prefer not to get married at all.  Aquarius peopletruly believe they are unique and outstanding, and demand unquestioning obedience and respect from their partner. No wonder that they usually walk down the aisle only after 40. In marriage, they value cooperation and respect more than mutual love. 

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Pisces are famous for their rich inner world and a lot of dreams. On one hand, there is nothing bad in it. On the other hand, all their fantasies and restless efforts to “find themselves” do not contribute to harmonious and happy love life. An ideal partner for Pisces is a person who will understand them or at least put up with the absence of rationality in them. A search of such a candidate may last long, but Pisces should better marry before 27, otherwise they may stay bachelors till the end of their life.

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