7 reasons why you must know your gemstone

7 reasons why you must know your gemstone

If your birthstone by Zodiac is correctly selected, it will show the following qualities:make you protected from negative energy

— strengthen your immunity, protect from illness
— give strength and energy, boost the taste of life
— develop inborn abilities and best traits of your character
— attract wealth and luck
— add bright colors to your personal life
— sharpen sensitivity to danger

Every gemstone has its individual character. Pay attention to the way you got it. If you were presented with it as a gift, it will start working faster. Stolen jewelry brings negative. If you bought it, you would have to wait for a certain period of time until your gemstone gets used to you. The gemstone that you inherited does not need to be tamed. It will start working faster and better.

Zodiac Gemstones

Diamond is the main stone for Aries. This gemstone gives purposefulness, intensifies your inborn persistence. The strong energy of diamond gives strength when you need your second wind. Its purity helps you restrain bursts of anger. There are some other gemstones that can help Aries. They are ruby, amethyst and sapphire. Ruby adds more passion, sapphire gives wisdom and amethyst calms your nervous system.

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The gemstone for Taurus is emerald. It gives perspicacity, helps to accumulate wisdom, improves memory and arouses the hidden talents. Wearing emerald you will reach your financial purposes much easier. Another significant quality of emerald is its ability to reduce stress, cheer you up and help to find love.

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Among all gemstones topaz suits Gemini the best. This stone helps this emotional Zodiac sign to control their feelings and regain strength after emotional exhaustion. Topaz helps to struggle with depression, insomnia and become more even-tempered.

Choosing a stone, Cancers should pay attention to emerald and, especially, pearl. Pearl is the stone that helps you to realize your talents. It guards you from negative influence and draws luck. Emerald is also very useful. It helps you to control your emotions and overcome melancholy. You often feel shy in public, but emerald will let you overcome restraint.

Leos prefer sunny and bright semi-precious stones: topaz and amber. Amber brings you luck and attracts the power of the Sun. Topaz contributes to gaining wealth and career development. Thanks to this stone you will notice your ill-wishers and be able to resist them.

Virgo’s stones are nephritis and jasper. The former stone helps to develop such traits as justice, kindness, courage, wisdom and faithfulness. It also strengthens health. The latter one makes Virgos amiable, more tolerant, less critical. Thanks to this stone, you can reach great success in your interpersonal relationships.

The main stones for Libra are aquamarine and opal. Aquamarine saves from mood swings. It makes the emotional background softer and helps to become more balanced. Opal makes your life more harmonious and keeps from extremes. This stone reveals your talents and directs your energy to reaching success.

Aquamarine, garnet and black opal are the gemstones that bring luck to Scorpio. The stone of sea-green color calms your irritability, cools your passion nature, removes rage and anger and helps to reach harmony in a relationship. Garnet gives Scorpios power over people, which they strive for. Black opal makes you wiser and protects from excessive self-confidence. It sends your energy to the right direction.

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Sagittarius had better to wear turquoise. This stone helps to finish the tasks that you have started. You tend to talk more than act, but turquoise directs your energy at reaching real life purposes. Wearing accessories with turquoise, you achieve success, gain financial prosperity and become more resolute.

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The lucky stone for Capricorn is ruby. This red stone intensifies your best traits and talents, adds energy and attracts luck. It helps to gain wealth and authority. Ruby makes its owner bolder and helps to gain a victory in different spheres. Capricorns who want to get respect, honor and majesty choose this royal stone – ruby.

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Among all gemstones, the one that suits best for Aquarius is amethyst. It makes the people of this sign much happier and less melancholic. This stone increases the level of your optimism and helps to believe in yourself. Being very creative Aquarius often lacks concentration to realize their ideas, amethyst will help to overcome this problem.

The stones for Pisces are aquamarine and pearl. These stones belong to the water element and bring you happiness and luck. Aquamarine charges you with positive energy that will help to realize your ideas and make your dreams come true. Pearl is the stone of long life, it guards from negative influence. Pisces wearing pearls have more developed intuition and, sometimes, gain the ability to forecast.

Hope, your Zodiac stone will get used to you very fast and help you to reveal your hidden talents!