3 ways to interpret the meaning of 11 11

3 ways to interpret the meaning of 11 11

How often do you see the numbers 11 11 and feel delight? Sometimes, we notice repeating numbers and the sequence of numbers and think that it should have some significant meaning for us. 

Some people pay attention to these numbers and remember the time they see it. There are several explanations that will prove they are right doing that. We will provide 3 versions of it.

What does 11 11 mean? 

— 11:11 is the only time in a day when all 4 numbers are the same. This time is considered to be full, clear and ideal. It makes this time so pleasant to your eyes and brain. Especially, if you are a perfectionist striving for perfect order. 

— There is a theory of synchronization, which explains why people give special significance to this position of hands. We, psychologically, like order, that is why, the time when all clock’s hands are in the same place please our eyes. In a lot of countries there is a tradition to make a wish when you see 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 and so on. 

— What is 11 11 in numerology? This number is special. It is the symbol of spirituality and pure perception. It is considered to be the best time for self-analysis and putting your thoughts, emotions, wishes in order. 11 is a double number and called Master-Number or The Number of Power. In numerology this number represents an unpractical ideal, imaginary world, intuition, revelation, talents, avant-garde, the combination of male and female sex, fame.

— Many people associate 11 11 with the signal of awakening. In this case the meaning of 11 11 may be considered as the key to the opening of consciousness and DNA. It means that you are a spirit, having physical experience, not a physical creature that resorts to spiritual experience. This time is created for your angels to contact you. If you make a wish at this moment, it means that they try to send you a message. You think your thoughts and desires came from nowhere, don’t you? 11 11 is a conscious spiritual trip. 

— Pay attention to your feelings at the moment you see 11 11. Pause and think what is in your head now: your thoughts, feelings. Therу is a personal message for you that is important to interpret. 

— We often think that it is the interference of something greater than we are, and it serves as a signal of an alarm-clock to wake us from our daily routine. It may be the sign from your angels and spiritual mentors in their attempts to get in touch with you. 

There are several ideas what it may be: 

— an awakening call from lightworkers
— a possible mission
— a call to action
— a call to find your balance
— increased consciousness
— DNA’s activation
— mediators
— a bridge
— angels are on earth
— a path
— a threshold
— lofty reality
— spiritual wisdom
— a reminder form the Universe
— peace and calm
— connection with unknown
— synchronism in your life

So, what does 11 11 mean, especially if you often see it? It may mean that you are ascending to a higher level of your own consciousness in the sphere of 4th and 5th dimensions. 

You may reach a higher level of your communication with angels and now it’s time to practice kindness, compassion and healing. There is a wide circle of people who consider themselves lightworkers. Their mission is to give as much light on this planet as possible. 

When you see 11 11 on the clock, it is a reminder that you are a lightworker and have the same mission as all lightworkers have.