27 beasts. Release yours. What is your alternative Zodiac sign according to Vedic astrology

27 beasts. Release yours. What is your alternative Zodiac sign according to Vedic astrology

Jyotish is a predictive system, which is called Vedic or Indian astrology. This word consists of two roots: jyoti – light and isha – God. Thus, Jyotish means the God of light. It implies the Sun, Moon, stars and planets. This science studies celestial bodies and their influence on people’s life.

The main aim of Jyotish is to help people to find themselves, not to commit acts that create bad karma. Thanks to the knowledge of Indian astrology, you can get rid of negative consequences of your karma. You can find your personal unique way, which will lead you to prosperity, spiritual growth and help you to overcome different life situations much easier.

You will reach a higher level of life and become much happier, get rid of hard consequences in your life. If you don’t know your true nature, you have to develop your material knowledge, trying to submit nature to supply you with a comfort and safe life. But, Vedas call upon to live in accordance with the laws of nature. This union is necessary for a person to reach happiness on each level: physical, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Jyotish explains how the laws of nature influence a person from his or her birth. This predictive system shows the past, present and future and helps us understand why these events take place in our life.

Indian astrology: your alternative Zodiac sign.

According to the Indian postulates, a year is divided into 27 Nakshatras, halves of the lunar cycle, that symbolize different animals. To define your Nakshatra, you just need to know the month and day of your birth.

Let’s release your beast and learn who you are in the Indian horoscope.

Male horse

13- 26 April

You are open, sensual and sociable. You strive for success and people’s recognition. Your striving for novelty is the main motivation for your actions. You like movement and action. The absence of a clear aim makes you more vulnerable.

You are independent in your love sphere. Your partner will not be able to tame you. He or she should respect your freedom, but your partner also should be active and venturesome.

Male elephant

27 April – 10 May

You are an ambitious individualist, ready to load yourself with all the work. You like luxury, delicious food. You are a good judge of fashion, beauty and seduction. Male Elephant is a source of feminine energy that symbolizes sensuality.

In the love sphere you want to control the situation. You need a constant partner and long term obligations.

Female sheep

11-24 May

You are scrambling between boldness and cowardice, creation and destruction, calmness and hot temper, but you control yourself and cope with difficulties. In love sphere you are afraid of responsibility. You are a good leader, but in your personal life you act slowly and carefully. If you see a rival, you will step back.

Male serpent

25 May – 7 June

You are sensitive, changeable and touchy. You have a gentle heart, but carefully hide it under the mask of indifference. You are very creative and can’t live being limited. You need to be among clever people to engage in intellectual communication.

In your love sphere you need a faithful person to have a long and serious relationship. At that you are jealous and can not understand your own feelings. You are able to sacrifice everything to love, because you can not live without dates and romantic meetings.

Female serpent

8 – 20 June

You are active, brave and adventurous. You are an inborn leader, that is why you like to control and show your authority. You like to argue to stimulate your brain activity and always search for new activities. But you don’t like being criticized, you are very susceptible to criticism.

Your relationship should satisfy you intellectually. Your partner should be better than you for you to admire him or her. Sometimes, you control your feelings and emotions, because you don’t want to be engrossed in your relationship.

Female dog

21 June – 4 July

You have an analytical and searching mind. Sometimes, you are blamed in excessive authoritarianism, but you just want to reach your dreams and realize your ideas. You have many talents and one of them is to charm people, you have a lot of friends, know what you want and how you can do it.

In your love sphere you are faithful and tender, your desires grow into passion, and the latter one develop into problems. You give much more that you get. You also need to get others’ approval, that is why you need a gentle partner who will take care of you. Sometimes, you are very demanding and the reality does not satisfy your needs.

Female cat

5 – 18 July

You are so tender and benevolent that your purpose is to guide and love. You keep off risky ideas, but without a clear goal feel uneasy. You need to be among people, belong to some groups.

You are surrounded by people who would like to come into your life, but you can be happy loving only one person. Though you are affectionate, at the same time, you try to keep the distance. In your love sphere you are very independent and hate being controlled. However, you seem indifferent and wait for an initiative partner who will make the first step.


19 July – 1 August

You are a clever and creative person. You aim at fulfilling your duties, that’s why you are often overloaded with commissions and important tasks. To live in harmony you need to become peaceful and calm.

In your love sphere you are reserved, independent and, ideally, your partner must be the same person. You are modest and demanding at one time and your partner should be very perspicacious and be able to take the hint, because you can hardly express your feelings.  You are very jealous and can easily explode. Family life is not that easy for you, so you should enjoy your constant relationship.

Male cat

2 – 15 August

Wandering between knowledge and ignorance, good and evil, wisdom and danger, you have a good sense of humor, great power over people and perspicacity.

Thanks to your ability to entice, you easily get what you want. But you are independent and not made for a family life, because you need to be free and admired. You like to seduce and that is why, you are surrounded by your suitors, but you lack the main person in your life.

Male rat

16 – 29 August

You are conservative, sometimes stubborn or even impudent. You follow traditional values, but you need to control and rule the situation, prosper and be significant for the society. Your thoughts are focused on gaining things, though you are rarely satisfied with what you achieved.

Love is important for you, but you need time to find your beloved, this person will need to be patient and treat your ambitions with respect. Anyhow, it is clear who will take the leadership in the relationship.

Female rat

30 August – 12 September

You are calm and rational. You want to lead a life full of money, luxury, comfortable conditions. So, you need to work hard to achieve it. But your main purpose is to create a cosy warm family atmosphere, because you are strongly attached to your family and close people.

In your love sphere you want to build a serious strong relationship, you should have common interests with your partner and both of you should be ready to take the responsibility and obligations. The central part of your life is given to children.

Male cow

13 – 25 September

You have a great personality, you are friendly, generous, benevolent, but you lack confidence and a clear purpose. Because you can hardly adjust yourself to great changes, you are in constant stress, but hide it, trying to be composed. You need to be supported. A strict schedule and order are your best friends.

You are looking for a reliable partner, because you want to have a stable family. You will, surely, prefer reasonable love to a passing passion, and may build a relationship for your comfort. Be careful with your striving for an ideal. It may cause problems.

Female buffalo

26 September – 9 October

Your mood is ever changing. Under the mask of outer calmness and rationality you hide inner emptiness. You always feel depressed inside and can not resign oneself to it. You are responsible and strive for success and prosperity. You may resort to the help of prosperous people and use any opportunity.

You are egoistic and benevolent, vulnerable and trusting at the same time. The number of your love affairs is increasing daily. Though they are different, they are unstable. You are not confident emotionally and it is hard for you to find a partner to support you. Being in a relationship, you will love unless being disappointed or left alone.

Female tiger

10 – 22 October

You are ambitious, creative and bighearted. You meet an opponent face to face and do not show your weak points. You have a strong personality, but easily lose your temper.

You are a sociable, eccentric person who likes fashion, holidays, luxury, beauty and seeks thrills.

You are passionate and very charismatic, being in a relationship you never let it adsorb you. You have little time for a partner, your attention is focused on your social life.

Male buffalo

23 October – 5 November

You combine unbelievable ambitions with perfectionism. Your aim is wealth and success. You want to leave your mark in history and be the best.

In your love sphere you are very demanding and strive for an ideal, sometimes, it leads to sufferings. To make up your mind about a serious relationship, you need a reliable partner, whom you will be ready to place on a pedestal.

Male tiger

6 – 18 November

You are sensitive and kind to people, ambitious and sociable. You like to be in big companies of amiable people who give you pieces of advice.

You want to reach material success, but when you achieve it, lose your interest in this sphere.

In your love sphere you act in two ways: being in a serious relationship, you are not against having another love affair. You are never satisfied, sometimes you are ready for a betrayal. The hectic life causes the constant change of partners. This tendency will gradually disappear with age.

Female deer

19 November – 1 December

You are kind and cruel, positive and depressive at the same time. Your life is a never ending search for an ideal with its ups and downs. You are able to stand against difficulties, but sometimes you can not handle the work you are charged with, but you never refuse it.

In the love sphere you are a perfectionist. You are looking for an ideal and when you fall in love, you do not pay attention to anything else. The best advice for you is to live in the present, without concentrating on the past or future. Get the most out of every day.

Male deer

2 – 14 December

You want to get the things that nobody has and crave for power. You always finish the thing you have undertaken, but your affection for material things should be reduced. To gain spirituality you should struggle with materialism.

In your love sphere your feelings and emotions run high. Here your disadvantages are displayed, they are egoism and jealousy. But you are attracted by the idea of building a strong and serious relationship, though you easily turn from passion to indifference. Your partner should be physically and, what is more important, – intellectually attractive.

Male dog

15 – 27 December

You are brave, full of creative ideas, able to adapt to unexpected changes. You would like to try, feel and understand everything, but have a spirit of sacrifice. Even being prosperous, you lead an ordinary life, sometimes an ascetic one.

In your love sphere you are a perfectionist, who is craving for adventures, but at the same time, is afraid of them. Your partner must be very compliant, because you hardly make concessions.

Male monkey

28 December – 10 January

You are resolute but capricious, disciplined but elusive. You are able to change another person’s opinion and a person him- or herself. You have a rich creative potential and a lot of talents, your complex personality is always developing that misleads the people who are around you.

Your opinion is often changed, you need to get versatile feelings. Your need of changes should not be hidden from your partner, because he or she will have to satisfy your wants.

Male mongoose

11 – 23 January

You are a clever and ambitious loner. You hate lie, deception and graft. Being an idealist to the core, you are not able to accept the reality as it is. You do not always get along together with people and sometimes even with yourself.

In the Indian horoscope only a male Mongoose does not have a pair. Maybe, you do not want to have it. In any case, your partner will have to reckon with your independence, high demands and the desire to be alone. The traditional relationship does not suit you very well. You are an active, fast and tireless person, living according to your own rules.

Female monkey

24 January – 5 February

A clever sarcastic female Monkey sees the truth through the veil of illusion. You often unite with people like you for helping people and protect their rights.

You hide your sensitive and gentle soul, pretending to be reserved and cool. You conceal your feelings very professionally and can hardly reveal them. Your partner should be very perspicacious to understand your gentle soul and the reasons for your silence.

Female lion

6 – 18 February

You are charismatic and brilliant, feel at ease on material and spiritual levels, eloquent and attentive to an interlocutor. You are a true altruist, who likes to feel needed when helping others. You feel emptiness inside, which needs to be filled.

Even being in a relationship, at the beginning you keep the distance, but then you return love, if your partner is honest with you. You are very demanding, though your partner is able to bear it, if you do not neglect your duties.

Female horse

19 February – 3 March

You strictly follow your principles, but sometimes you lack confidence in your own strength. You get disappointed in your achievements, because you create additional obstacles on your way. Actually, you are able to do the impossible. Do not stress in vain.

In your love sphere your principles are very contradictory. You want a classical relationship, but with a hint of originality, stable, but stirring. You highly appreciate your family, sometimes, you are ready to play an unusual part to please your close people.

Male lion

4 – 16 March

You are benevolent and ready to help others until you are done to a frazzle. A passionate fighter, who struggles with prejudices and oppression – you never spare yourself for a great common cause. At the same time, you are not a good leader and too careless about your finances.

In your love sphere you devote yourself completely to a partner. You are not afraid of being disappointed. You are a patient and faithful person. You put much love and energy into a relationship of any kind. You may seem very dependent, but, in fact, it is not so, the male Lion is very independent.

Female cow

17 – 30 March

You are wise and do not need any explanations what tolerance and sympathy are. You have a pinch of fatalism and that is why you draw back from life. In your youth you may have faced a lot of difficulties because of your self-denial and idealism.

In the love sphere you are sensitive and dreamy, look for a perfect relationship, but you can live alone as well. You estimate the spiritual values higher than corporeal ones and are ready to restrict yourself from love for the sake of spiritual life.

Female elephant

31 March – 12 April

You are benevolence itself, calm, attentive and patient. Your inner beauty and pure soul estrange you from others. You are not confident and usually content with playing the second fiddle. But you are ready for self-sacrifice. Your partner should support you in your aspiration to spiritual life. But, be careful, do not lose yourself serving other people.

Hope, Vedic astrology showed a new side of you and the Indian horoscope opened new traits which will help you in life.

© Evgeny Atamanenko