12 provocative Cusp signs

12 provocative Cusp signs

Most of us know their Zodiac sign. However, if you were born on one of the days when the Sun moved from one sign to another, you are considered to be born at the turn of these two signs and represent a Zodiac cusp.

Cusp is a border between two astrological signs. Cusp signs combine the traits of both signs. This happens because birth dates are ever changing. It depends upon the Sun’s movement. From astrology’s point of view the Sun’s position is very significant, especially when we talk about cusp astrology.

Capricorn – Aquarius

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Cusp dates (16 – 22 January) – The Cusp of Mystery

What will you get if you combine the energy of a skillful Capricorn and an eccentric Aquarius? You will get an absolutely unique personality. Being born on the cusp of Mystery you will never get bored. But even being too expressive or shy, a big part of emotional experience will be kept inside. You have bright dreams and rich fantasies, which you need to develop, if you want to lead a happier life.

You tend to lead an extraordinary way of life and sometimes you fail to balance two different sides of your personality: you are reserved, but sociable; conservative, but ingenious; want to be safe, but independent.

If you were born on the Capricorn and Aquarius cusp, you are very sociable and ready to talk about different themes that develop intellect. You work hard and devote yourself to realizing your dreams. Though it leads to success, it may be difficult for you to start a relationship. The reason for it is your desire to be independent and bent for being too critical and egoistic. You just need to show your sense of humor, devotion and friendliness to make friends.

Aquarius – Pisces


Cusp dates (15 – 21 February) – The Cusp of Sensitivity

What will happen if you unite the energy of an extraordinary Aquarius and a dreamy Pisces? If you were born within the period of 15 and 21 of February, you are very artistic, peaceful, amiable and very original. You are often called eccentric and unusual because you are attracted by new experience and ideas. You possess high intellect, but are not very good at making practical decisions.

This cusp Zodiac sign can be very sociable and shy at the same time. The reason for it is that your pastime with people helps you to reduce stress, but you are also very sensitive and often prefer to be alone. This cusp has good intuition, that is why you have a special worldview. But being absorbed in spiritual and philosophical matters, sometimes you can not manage daily cares. You are likely to forget about meetings, be late or lose things, because you are always thinking of making the world better.

Pisces – Aries

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Cusp dates (17 – 23 March) — The Cusp of Rebirth

If your birth date combines the energy of a dreamy and creative Pisces and an energetic Aries, you, surely, know what you would like to get.

You are a good combination of dreaminess and impulsivity. You can be straightforward and impatient, but it makes you a good leader. You are able to run to your limit, take others with you and reach success.

If you develop communicative skills and become more patient, your life will be much easier. Try to balance two sides of your personality: Pisces can soften Aries’ short temper and Aries can make Pisces’ dreams real.

Aries – Taurus

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Cusp dates (16 – 22 April) – The Cusp of Power

If you were born within the period of 16 – 22 of April you are real power that has to be taken into account. You are powerful and bold. You are an inborn leader who is ready to take the responsibility both at home or work. The energy of Aries and Taurus is a great union for success – an impulsive Aries gives his/her energy and achieve dreams, whereas practical Taurus cares for details.

You need to be watchful not to become too arrogant and still take into account others’ opinions and desires. You can hardly see people doing the work that you are able to do much better, but it is due to your excessive self-confidence. Self-confidence is good, but you need to reach balance and soften your aggressive traits and respect other people. Then a strong and sympathetic side of you will be manifested.

Taurus – Gemini


Cusp dates (17 мая -23 of May) – The Cusp of Energy

Here the Air meets the Earth and people born on this cusp have an active life. Born within the period of 17 – 23 of May you are one of the most energetic and enterprising people in the world.

You possess physical power and quick mind, thanks to this combination, you are stable and purposeful as well as clever and sociable. These qualities give the ability to adjust yourself to different life conditions and people and the desire to undertake a lot of new things. But such diligence may become a real problem for this cusp, because you go mad on the process and can not stop.

Another problem you should pay attention to is overeating and abuse of alcohol, because both signs like pleasure. Also you should be more sensitive to others’ feelings. If you become a good listener, you will be more successful and get more friends.

Gemini – Cancer

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Cusp dates (17 – 23 June) – The Cusp of Magic

If you were born within the period of 17 – 23 of June, you possess a magical personality. The energy of both signs makes you an inspiring person, very interesting and free, but at the same time faithful and considerate.

You are led by emotions and they can be running high, but with the help of your friends and family’s support, you will lead an active and happy life. The playful nature of Gemini goes well with Cancer’s calm and thoughtful personality. People born on this cusp are bright and easy-going.

Gemini’s restlessness balances the sensitivity of Cancers, it creates a well-rounded person. You like adventures and new experience. This Zodiac cusp is very sensitive and hearty. These people give a lot of love and want to get it in return. They strive for finding their love, because without it they get depressed.

Cancer – Leo

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Cusp dates (19 – 25 July) – The Cusp of Oscillation

If you were born on this cusp, you are very loving, passionate and optimistic. But you will have to come across some problems. Your life will be full of extremes, because of the combination of Cancer’s sensitivity and Leo’s expressiveness. You are likely to be timid and sensitive, but then show your dramatic nature.

The elements of these two signs may conflict with each other. If you are able to reach balance between the two contradictory elements (water and fire), your life will be full of love. You may resort to yoga or meditation to be closer to this purpose. It will help you to be in touch with your close people and not to go inwards.

Leo – Virgo

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Cusp dates (19 – 25 August) – The Cusp of Exposure

If you belong to this cusp, you are very diligent, passionate, honest and aimed at success. The signs have the opposite traits. Leo tends to drama and Virgo tends to earthiness. These qualities do not always go well with each other. Born at the turn of two signs, it is hard to say which sign influences you greater. Some people of this cusp want to get a lot of attention like Leos, others are more like Virgos and prefer to lead a quiet and usual life.

Despite of it, you can be called a very hard-working person who takes a passionate interest in his or her business. If you are able to reach balance between introversion and extroversion, you will gain the rarest ability whether to express your opinion or keep silence in the right moment. An issue for this people is a relationship. They appreciate their privacy and want people who understand it.

Virgo – Libra

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Cusp dates (19 — 25 September) – The Cusp of Beauty

If you were born within the period of 19 -25 of September, you can be called beautiful from the outer and inner sides. The energy of these signs go well together and people of this cusp are very artistic, intellectual and balanced.

You are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love. Both planets give you their best features: rationalism, creativity and sociability. If you belong to the cusp of Beauty, you are always in the know. You like beautiful things, people, art and nature. But you might seem rather superficial if your urge towards beauty will run high. But you are not this kind of person, you have analytical and quick mind and diligence.

If you belong to the cusp of Beauty, you need to have your life in order. You want everything to go well and look great. However, try not to spend a lot of money on material things.

Libra – Scorpio

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Cusp dates (19 – 25 October) – The Cusp of Drama

If you were born within the period of 19 to 25 of October, thus, at the joint of Libra and Scorpio signs, you are ruled by two planets – Venus and Pluto. Sometimes, it is hard for you to deal with your intellect, energy and sexuality.

You possess Libra’s prudence and Scorpio’s thoroughness. You have such a strong personality that should be very alert not to become too haughty. You are a good leader who is able to realize all your dreams.

Libras are ruled by intellect, whereas Scorpios are led by strong and deep emotions. It can lead to the conflict between mind and heart. But, having a strong personality, you will be able to balance between the intellectual and emotional sides. You feel the necessity to come to the point of everything. But you will be much happier, if you can calm down your inner critic and just relax.

Scorpio – Sagittarius

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Cusp dates (18 – 24 November) – The Cusp of Revolution

If you belong to Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp, you are full of rebellious energy. You are energetic, passionate, generous, imperious and have a good sense of humor. You are ruled by Pluto, Mars and Jupiter, that is a dynamic combination of Scorpio’s tension and Sagittarius’ activity. You are a fearful person who may get out of hand. It is important for you to guide your energy and spend it on some productive things. If you do this, you will reach success in different spheres.

The elements of these signs create a complex personality that, sometimes, can be hard to understand. If you find a way to balance your aggressive qualities by the ability to adapt, you will become stronger, more lavish and amiable. You might have conflicts with some authority, for example, your boss, because of your rebellious nature and candor. You are better to work on your own. Try to become less egoistic and more sympathetic, respect others’ feelings and forgive their mistakes.

Sagittarius – Capricorn

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Cusp dates (18 – 24 December) – The Cusp of Prophecy

If you were born within the period of 18 – 24 of December, you are a truly prophet, who comes to success. Optimistic Sagittarius and practical Capricorn make an amazing combination endowing the people of this cusp with a careless attitude and realistic world view. These traits help these people think big and bring their dreams to life.

You are sociable and amiable, but at the same time reliable and responsible. You always push yourself to reach the desired things and may succeed in a profession that is connected with languages and travels. But there is a contradiction between Sagittarius’ striving for a rapid movement and Capricorn’s slowness and regularity. Irrespective the sphere you will choose, you have everything to become great at your business. You like to undertake ambitious projects, which can change the world, and can carry them through. You put great efforts in what you are doing and expect other people to do the same.

Do not forget to devote some time to your friends and relatives. Do not give up the attempt to build a serious relationship, especially if you do not know your cusp compatibility.